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Trades / 4th Gen TM86 Grass Knot Wanted
« on: September 21, 2013, 00:38 »
So yeah, my Phione needs one more attack, so I'm after Grass Knot. I can offer most people from Gen 1 to 3 in exchange, or your very own Lapras from the king himself. XD

So to save a long story short, my parents are getting tired of me "doing nothing" around the house (Despite all the favors I do for them) and I'm tiering of the way they want control over my life. With that said, while not definite and again just an idea I am considering for now, I'm considering moving out.

Now, one threat that keeps getting thrown at me is me being put into a bedsit. It's only recent I learnt of these, being like a flat but being one bedroom to yourself, with sharing the rest of the building and facilities with other people who live in other bedrooms. Basically I had a few questions to ask before I take any action.

1. Experience. Does anyone here have experience in living in a bedsit or know of anyone that does/had and if so, how was it? It's pretty much key to my decision as I don't want to live in a horrid place if they are like that.   

2. Benefits and rent. As I'm a long term jobseeker, my JSA is my only income. Now my sister had previous blabbed about getting some of your rent paid/discounted if you're on benefits, so I was wondering if any of that was true or not. If in doubt, I can always ask her again (Though finding her number would be a little bit of a headache... @_@) but as I mentioned, JSA is my only income. T.T

3. Possessions. Now being the hardcore videogame/DVD fanatic that I am, is there a limit to how much stuff you can have in your room and bring in when you move in, or is it all AOK? Also, what about furniture like bookcases, desks and large TVs? There's always the option of being stuff in little by little at a time, but al my lovely stuff that I love so much is a HUGE factor.

And yeah, anything else you'd like to share would be a help also. Really feel I'm running out of options and feel this could be the only answer (Unless by some miracle, some mates and I decide to share a place, but who knows.....) .

TV Series / Brock to Return
« on: August 22, 2013, 13:59 »
In a Japanese trailer showcasing the last episodes of Best Wishes/Black and White that was shown after this week's ep, among the events shown like Iris battling Clair, a Rayquaza and more XY anime footage, Brock makes a comeback.

Said Trailer

What do we reckon people? There to welcome Ash back to Kanto, or there to tell Cilan to bugger off and Brock join Ash again?

According to the facebook pages of some Game Stores, they'll be offering us the Sinnoh Legendary Dragon Trio (Palkia, Dialga and Giratina) in glorious shinyness. The 3 will be offered one at a time as follows;

August 30th 2013 to September 12th 2013- Dialga
September 13th to September 26th- Palkia
September 27th to October 12th- Giratina

Not officially confirmed by Nintendo or the Game website yet, so could be incorrect. Interested to see if the trio though will either be like the shiny Legendary Dogs that unlocked an event in BW meaning a possible event unlock in X and Y, or just a shameless plug to hype us up for the new games. XD

Apparently a trailer was shown during the 16th anime movie's preview screening. Not 100% confirmed, but a special 3DS XL was shown with a special print of Xerneas & Yveltal on the top case and coming in red and blue colours. A Pokémon called Orotto (オーロット) also appeared in the trailer.

Not much, or 100% confirmed, but I'm pretty sure some of us expected a super fancy new special 3DS for the occasion...  :laugh:

Because after all, they are a duo of 3DS games. So what features/attacks/events/whatever are you looking forward to seeing in the three dimensions?

For example, I think something as basic as an egg hatching could look pretty neat with the egg shell flying off the screen (Similar to whenever you collect a Pokemon in Super Pokemon Rumble).

Forum Games / Make a new Alteration/Edit/New Scene to Star Wars
« on: October 05, 2011, 17:08 »
Since Mr Lucas loves to add and edit stuff into his "unfinished" movies, let's make up our own. You can add or edit things to existing scenes or even create new ones in-between. Be as random, funny or imaginative as you like.

For example:

All scenes in the hall of Jedi Council in Episode 1 now have a disco ball having from the ceiling while Star Wars disc is being played.

The Death Star is now cubed.

Death Vader has now been digitally recoloured from black to orange.

The whole cast has been digitally been replaced by Ewoks

You get the idea, go go go.

Movies / Your Fav Pokemon Movie
« on: September 07, 2005, 12:22 »
To prevent a dozen more of these topics being made I have introduced a sticky fav movie topic with a poll and all. As new movies are released I shall add them in the poll.

At the mo I d say the 4th is my fav.

Other Animé Things / READ BEFORE POSTING! UPDATED 09/11/08
« on: July 23, 2005, 20:34 »
I d like to get one thing clear about this board. This is for the Pokemon anime only. I ve seen people making topics about other animes in this board clearly thinking this is for any anime. It isnt. It is for other Pokemon anime matter that don't fit in the Episode or Movie board.

So in future, please remember this. If you want to make topics of other animes then please do that in the TV board where it belongs okay? ;)

UPDATED 9/11/08

Please do not post any links to clips or episodes of the anime. The content (That being the anime clip/episode) does not belong to the user and such.

TV Series / Latest Japanese Titles
« on: July 18, 2004, 10:17 »
Since theres a topic for new Dub episode titles i thoought it was high time there was a topic for all the new Japanese episode titles. Here are the latest:

365: Arrivel In Lilycove City! Pokeblocks and Aerial Ace!?
366: Pikachu, Joining Team Rocket?
367: Pokemon Contest! Lilycove Tournament

366 sounds interesting.  :)

Sorry about that, but "Jap" is considerd to be racist

Sorry about that GM. :(

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