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Courtney Armstrong
« on: November 19, 2008, 17:32 »
Name: Courtney Armstrong

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Description: Courtney is slim, standing at 5"3, she wears a white and red checkered hoody. She wears a red belt on her jeans  that is used for her Pokeball's.  She wears white baseball boots. She has shoulder length dark blonde hair, her fringe sits just above her nose; so she clips it up to the side. Her eyes are hazel coloured.

Personality: Courtney is a genrally happy person, she can be shy around the people she does not know but once you become friends she will open up alot more. She day dreams quite alot, and zones out. She also has a very stubborn side to her, which shows during important battles or arguments, once she's like this she will never back down. She worries quite alot too, most of the time it's unnecessary but she will become quiet until she gets it off her mind.


Courtney was born and raised in Olivine City. She loves fire and water type Pokemon, she trains other types too. Her mother and father split up when she was younger. Her father was previously a Navigator for the SS. Aqua, he has moved to Kanto now. Her mother still lives with her.
She got her first Pokemon when she was 8. It was one of the rare times when her father would take her across to Kanto on the boat. They stopped in Vermilion City, it was there she saw a small Horsea entangled in one of the fishing boats nets, she asked her father to save it for her. She took it back to Johto with her. Her mother was unhappy about that, Horsea was kept in a cove, where Courtney spent all her spare time training her. Courtney's mother eventually let her keep her.




Tsunami-"Tsui" (Kingdra)
OT: Courtney
[Net Ball]
(Poison Point)
Region: Kanto
Moves: Surf, Agility, Ice Beam and Dragon Pulse
Courtney saw Tsunami entangled in a fishing net when she was 8, while in Kanto. She rescued it and took it back with her. Tsui lived in a small cove, Courtney would spend all her spare time training her, they grew a strong bond. Tsui was able to evolve into a Kingdra when her brother traded Nekzi to her. He attached a Dragon Scale to her and evolved when Courtney received her again.

Nekzi (Typhlosion)
OT: Kayne
[Poke Ball]
Region: Hoenn
Moves: Thunder Punch, Lava Plume, Rest and Dynamic Punch
Nekzi is very special to Courtney. She was given to her by her older brother Kayne for her 10th birthday- as a Cyndaquil. Nekzi was bred by Kayne, the offspring of his Typhlosion. Courtney was extremely happy when she received her. Nekzi used to be scared of Tsui as she was a water type. Courtney started to train them together, now Nekzi doesn't mind water types as much.

Segiso (Togetic)
OT: Courtney
[Poke Ball]
(Serene Grace)
Region: Johto
Moves: Metronome, Thunder Wave, Fly and Magical Leaf
Segiso was hatched from an egg, given to Courtney by her mother.  Segiso turned into a Togetic surprisingly early, as Courtney took very good care of it as a Togepi. Segiso Courtney's youngest Pokemon and as such is an inexperienced battler. Segiso can be quite skittish during battle.

Lanti (Lanturn)
OT: Courtney
[Lure ball]
(Volt Absorb)
Region: Johto
Moves: Thunderbolt, Waterfall, Thunder Wave and Confuse Ray
Lanti was caught by Courtney when she was fishing on the beach in Olivine. Courtney reeled the Chinchou up and battled it,catching her with a Lure Ball. Tsui was initially jealous of Lanti, as Tsui was Courtney's only water type. They soon began to become good friends. Lanti looks out for the other Pokemon and doesn't like to fight that much, when she has to she will put her all in.

Scythen (Scyther)
OT: Courtney
[Park Ball]
Region: Johto
Moves: Air Slash, Scissor, U Turn and Swords Dance
Sythen was caught by Courtney when she entered the Bug Catching Contest in the National Park. Courtney spent ages trying to find a Scyther and she eventually found one, she won first place with him. Scythen is desperate to evolve into a Scizor. Scythen is one of Courtney's speediest Pokemon, he hits very hard. He is more calm and reserved than the other Pokemon, despite his nature in battles.

Tanaka (Exeggute)
OT: Courtney
[Poke Ball]
Region: Johto
Moves: Uproar, Barrage, Hypnosis and Sludge Bomb
Tanaka is Courtney's youngest Pokemon, having just hatched from an abandoned egg.

On Hand:
Trainer Card
Ultra Balls x10
Full Heals x10
Hyper Potions x10
Berry Bag

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Re: Courtney Armstrong
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Good work. Approved. Have fun.


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Re: Courtney Armstrong
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UPDATE:  Joined Journey of a Lifetime, met Fayrl.

UPADATE: Joined Reunited in Olivine.