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A tournament where one debates about the metagame. The idea clicked into Vanguard Ike's head upon seeing a similar thing on another forum that he goes to (the only difference was, it was Fire Emblem-centric there). Upon release from suspension, he decided that he should make a similar one on PKMN.NET itself.

The object of this tournament is to teach any reader the outlook of the metagame, and also to give the more experience metagame battlers something interesting to read. The object of the debates is to prove which Pokemon is better out of the two that are debating, and the things to factor in are facts as well as logic, and the tiers that of which the debate is assigned to.

The rules are as follows;

A problem faced throughout was people constantly dropping out, either due to incompetence, internet problems, inactivity, or real life problems. The following people dropped out of the tournament;

Another problem faced was a shortage of judges, even if it was only for one debate. The fact that two judges decided that CrystalScizor10 won his initial debate wasn't much of a problem; the fact that only one judge voted in Dan Hibiki/Ike's debate until about a month later was a major problem. Due to this, Ike went searching for judges since The Wroth, Rex, and Raph didn't want to judge the debate (mainly due to its length and the fact that it was too good a debate), so CrystalScizor10 was hired and Round 2 started the next day.

Finally, we'll get to some other stuff about the tournament.

The Competitors

The Matches in Round 1

The Matches in Round 2

Round 1 Judges

Round 2 Judges

Sadly, the tournament has been given up on for two of the judges are not active, nor are many of the competitors due to summer work. But it was a nice try on Ike's part. And like he'd say, "gg".

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