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What's your favourite pokemon episode from series 1? Is it the first one were Ash gets Pikachu? Or is it the one were we first meet Brock? Or the one were Ash catches Charmander? Either way you can catch them all, on video! In the following synopsis I'll tell you what videos you can get and which episodes are on them!

I choose you! Pikachu! contains episodes:-

The mystery of Mount Moon! contains episodes:-

The sisters of Cerulean city! contains episodes:-

Poke-friends! contains episodes:-

Thunder shock! contains episodes:-

Seaside Pikachu! contains episodes:-

Note:- The two top volumes are available as a box set!

Psychic Surprise! contains episodes:-

Primeape problems! contains episodes :-

Well that's it! That's all I know about anyway! If you've got any more e-mail us! Now then think of which 1s your favourite movie! Because all three of them are out on video!

Pokemon the First Movie contains :-

Bonus footage: Mewtwo's origin & Pokemon the Movie 2000 trailer.

Pokemon the Movie 2000 contains:

Bonus footage: Pokemon the movie 3 trailer.

Pokemon the Movie 3 contains:-

Bonus footage: There was no bonus footage with this one. Instead you got a Pikachu's Winter Vacation - Delibird's Dilemma and Snorlax Snowman video with it!

Page written by Psythor.

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