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The School of Hard Knocks

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Indigo League
Japanese Title
Pokémon Victory Manual
English Title
The School of Hard Knocks
Dutch Title
Een harde leerschool!
Spanish Title
La escuela de los golpes duros
French Title
L'école crève-coeur
Italian Title
La scuola per Allenatori
German Title
Ãœbung macht den Meister
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This episode begins with Ash and the others walking through a thick fog. Ash and Misty are arguing as usual. Brock pulls a table and chairs out of his backpack and says he is going to have some Cerulean City coffee. He says Ash and Misty might be too young, so maybe they can have some prunejuice. Misty says she wants tea. Brock pulls out his offical Pokémon tea set! He says he will use official Mt. Moon Spring Water and he is going to make French crépes and Misty says she loves French stuff. However, Brock needs a fire.

Ash and Pikachu go to get firewood. They see a small fire in the distance. A young boy in a suit is running on a treadmill, surrounded by a bunch of other kids holding candles. One of them holds up a picture of a Pidgey and asks if the kid knows what it is what its special attacks are and so on. They don't sound too nice. When he does not answer, they speed up the treadmill and he falls.

Ash demands to know what's going on. One of the guys says that nothing is. Misty comes and tells them to stop bullying the kid. Ash agrees, but he can't exactly take on all five of them. They say they don't want to fight, it would make Pokémon Tech look bad. Instead, they leave.

Brock says they must be from Pokémon Technical. He reads a paper about it while Pikachu climbs on the treadmill. Brock accidentally hits a button, it goes faster and Pikachu falls off. Brock says Pokémon Tech is a school that millionares kids go to. Ash wonders where it is. Suddenly the fog clears and reveals the school! A voice says that fog battle techniques were over for the day and tomorrow will be snow battle tactics.

The kid gives some information about Pidgey and Ash asks why he didn't answer the others. He says that the questions would get harder. His parents worked hard to get him into the school and he doesn't want to let them down. The classes are so hard that some people are held back many years! A beginner has the equivalent of 2 badges, an intermediate has 4, and advanced has 6. The teachers don't know how some kids are treated. Ash wants to see that stop.

Joe, the kid, pulls out a picture of a girl who is kind of in charge. Ash says she's pretty. Brock says she can violate his rights whenever - then Misty hits them over the head.

We see Team Rocket. They say they have bad memories of Pokémon Tech. They studied for the big test, but that night they had frolicked, sure that their future would be good, but they got the lowest test scores ever!

Following this is some talk about Jezzel (the girl from the picutre) being the best trainer in the school. Misty and Joe are going to have a battle. Joe says he always beats Water Pokémon on the simulator. Misty sends Starmie, and Joe sends a Weepinbell. Starmie uses Water Gun and Weepinbell is defeated in one hit!

Jezzel says that Misty is from a Gym, so her Pokémon are much more experienced. She says that Joe is an embarassment. Brock and Ash are talking about how pretty she is. Jezzel says she is the top student at the school. Jessie and James, who are watching from a window, say that she's even more conceited then they are! James says she's cute. Mewoth says he is cuter. Jessie and James hit him.

Jezzel says she would help Joe, but he's a weakling. Misty says a true friend wouldn't walk away. Ash wants to help, but Brock tells him never get involved in a cat fight. Jezzel sends Graveler. Misty says Ground Pokémon are weak against water. Starmie uses Water gun, but Graveler reflects it and hit Starmie. Its gem is shattered and it is thrown through a window and into a pool outside. Misty is stunned. She says Jezzel is probably going to send another Pokémon that is weak against water.

Jezzel says that a Pokémon that is weaker, but better trained can win. Ash says he has two badges. Jezzel asks how long he has had Pikachu. He says about two months. She's surprised that he hasnt even been able to train it and that it's running free. Ash says he doesn't want to train Pikachu, or Pidgeotto or Butterfree! Jezzel asks whether he only had 3 Pokemon. Ash says each of his has the power of two! Jezzel is also surprised he started with a Pikachu: they are hard to handle. They really aren't that good until you evolve them. Pikachus are really just cute and make good pets. She says he didnt know. She laughs.

Battle! Jezzel sends Cubone! Pikachu uses Thundershock, but Cubone blocks! Cubone uses Leer and Pikachu gets really dizzy and falls down. Ash says to stare it down, Pikachu makes a REALLY silly face and walks up to Cubone, who hits him over the head with a bone. Ash says that was a cheap trick. Pikachu wakes up and Cubone hits him again! Ash tells him to hang in there and give it his best shot! Cubone uses Bonemerang, but Pikachu dodges and hits Cubone, causing its skull helmet to spin around so it cant see! Pikachu Bites Cubone on the tail and claws at it. Cubone straightens its helmet and then its Bonemerang hits it in the head! It starts crying. Jezzel can't beleive she lost. A Pikachu has never been known to win with anything but electricity!

Team Rocket appears! They say their motto. Meowth jumps out of the pool. Jezzel recognizes hem as being the ones who got the worst grades in the school! Do they really want to face Jezzel and the five others? They throw their Poké Balls, which hit Team Rocket, who run away.

Jezzel says there are some things you can't learn at school. Joe says he is going to start over with his first Pokémon. Maybe they'll meet again. They have each other's pictures. They're pretty much friends. Ash wonders why he and Misty can't be that way. Misty says because he owes her a bike! Jezzel says maybe they'll battle again, and they leave.

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The School of Hard Knocks Trivia:

 This is the last episode in which Ted Lewis voices James.
 This episode is the only time in which Ash is shown to fall for a girl.

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N64Dude on Sun 02 Nov 2014 21:09:59 UTC.
Ash falling for a girl? O_o

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