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Ash goes to Hoenn and does some stuff there.

317What You Seed Is What You Get  0
318Love at First Flight   0
319Let Bagons Be Bagons  0
320The Princess and the Togepi Essential Plot Point0
321A Togepi Mirage Essential Plot Point0
322Candid Camerupt!  0
323I Feel Skitty! Essential Plot Point0
324Zig Zag Zangoose! Essential Plot Point0
325Maxxed Out  0
326Pros and Con Artists  Essential Plot Point1
327Come What May   1
328Cheer Pressure!   0
329Game Winning Assist   0
330Fight for the Meteorite!   0
331Poetry Commotion!  Essential Plot Point0
332Going, Going, Yawn!  Essential Plot Point0
333Going for a Spinda Gallery 0
334All Torkoal, No PlayGalleryEssential Plot Point1
335Manectric Charge! Essential Plot Point0
336Delcatty Got Your Tongue  0
337Disaster of Disguise  0
338Disguise Da Limit!  1
339Take The Lombre HomeGallery 0
340True Blue Swablu  0
341Gulpin It Down!  0
342Exploud and Clear  0
343Go Go Ludicolo!  0
344A Double Dilemma  0
345Love, Petalburg Style!  0
346Balance of Power!  0
347A Six Pack Attack! Essential Plot Point0
348The Bicker The Better!  0
349Grass Hysteria! Essential Plot Point0
350Hokey Pokeballs! Essential Plot Point0
351Whiscash and Ash!  Essential Plot Point0
352Me, Myself and Time!Gallery 1
353A Fan with a Plan!   2
354Cruisin' for a Losin'!GalleryEssential Plot Point0
355Pearls are a Spoink's Best Friend!  Essential Plot Point0
356That's Just Swellow!  Essential Plot Point0
357Take This House and Shuppet!   0
358A Shroomish Skermish!  Essential Plot Point0
359Unfair Weather Friends! Essential Plot Point0
360Who's Flying Now?  Essential Plot Point0
361Sky High Gym Battle!  Essential Plot Point0
362Lights, Camerupt, Action!   0
363Crazy As A Lunatone!   0
364The Garden of Eatin'!  0
365A Scare To Remember! Essential Plot Point0
366Pokéblock, Stock and Berry!  Essential Plot Point0
367Lessons in Lilycove!   0
368Judgement Day!   0