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Ash continues his quest to become a Pokémon Master.

160A Goldenrod Opportunity Essential Plot Point1
161A Dairy Tale Ending Essential Plot Point0
162Air Time!  0
163The Bug Stops Here Essential Plot Point0
164Type Casting  0
165Fossil Fools  0
166Carrying On!  0
167Hassle in the Castle Essential Plot Point0
168Two Hits and a Miss  0
169A Hot Water Battle  0
170Hook, Line and Stinker  0
171Beauty and the Breeder Essential Plot Point0
172A Better Pill To Swallow  0
173Power Play  0
174Mountain Time   0
175Wobbu-Palooza Gallery 1
176Immitation Confrontation   0
177The Trouble with Snubbull   0
178Ariados Amigos   0
179Wings 'n' Things   0
180The Grass Route   0
181The Apple Corp   0
182The Howl of Houndoom   0
183A Ghost of a Chance Essential Plot Point1
184From Ghost to Ghost  Essential Plot Point0
185Trouble's Brewing   0
186All that Glitters Gallery 0
187The Light Fantastic   0
188UnBEARable   0
189Moving Pictures  Essential Plot Point1
190Spring Fever   0
191Freeze Frame  Essential Plot Point0
192The Stolen Stones  0
193The Dunsparce Deception  2
194The Wayward Wobbuffet  0
195Sick Daze  0
196Ring Masters  0
197The Poké SpokesmanGallery 0
198Control Freak! Essential Plot Point0
199The Art of PokémonGallery 0
200The Heartbreak of Brock  0
201Current Events Essential Plot Point0
202Turning Over a New Bayleef  0
203Doin' What Comes Natu-rally!  0
204The Big Balloon Blow Up  0
205The Screen Actor's Guilt  0
206Right on, Rhydon!   0
207The Kecleon Caper GalleryEssential Plot Point0
208The Joy of Water Pokémon  0
209Got Miltank? Gallery 0
210Fight for the Light!   0
211Machoke, Machoke Man GalleryEssential Plot Point0