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The beginning of Ash's erm... journey through Johto.

119Dont Touch That 'DileGalleryEssential Plot Point1
120The Double Trouble HeaderGalleryEssential Plot Point0
121A Sappy EndingGalleryEssential Plot Point0
122Roll On, Pokémon!Gallery 0
123Illusion Confusion!Gallery 0
124Flower PowerGallery 0
125Spinarak AttackGallery 0
126Snubbull Snobbery Essential Plot Point1
127The Little Big Horn  0
128Chikorita Rescue Essential Plot Point0
129Once in a Blue Moon  0
130The Whistle Stop  0
131Ignorance is Blissey  0
132A Bout With Sprout  0
133Fighting Flyer with Fire Essential Plot Point0
134For Crying Out Loud  0
135Tanks A Lot!  0
136Charizard's Burning Ambition Essential Plot Point0
137Grin To Win  0
138Chikorita's Big Upset  0
139Foul Weather Friends  0
140The Superhero Secret  0
141Mild 'n Wooly  0
142Wired For Battle  0
143Good 'Quil Hunting Essential Plot Point0
144Shadow Of A Drought Essential Plot Point0
145Going Apricorn! Essential Plot Point0
146Gettin' the Bugs Out Essential Plot Point0
147A Farfetch'd Tale  0
148Tricks Of The Trade Essential Plot Point0
149The Fire-ing Squad! Essential Plot Point0
150No Big Woop!  0
151Tunnel Vision  0
152Hour of the Houndour  0
153The Totodile Duel Essential Plot Point0
154Hot Matches!  0
155Love, Totodile Style  0
156Fowl Play Essential Plot Point0
157Forest Grumps  0
158The Psychic Sidekicks  0
159The Fortune Hunters  1