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573Get Your Rotom Running   2
574A Breed Stampede  Essential Plot Point0
575Ancient Family Matter   1
576Dealing With Defensive Types  Essential Plot Point1
577Leading A Stray   0
578Steeling Peace of Mind!   0
579Saving The World From Ruins  Essential Plot Point0
580Cheers On Castaways Isle!   0
581Hold The Phione   0
582Another One Gabites The Dust  Essential Plot Point0
583Stealing The Conversation   1
584The Drifting Snorunt   0
585Noodles: Roamin' Off!   1
586Persuing A Lofty Goal!  Essential Plot Point3
587Trials and Adulations!   0
588Mysterious Creatures: Pokémon! (Japanese title)   1
589The Lonely Snover  Essential Plot Point0
590Stopped In The Name Of Love   0
591Old Rivals, New Tricks  Essential Plot Point0
592To Thine Own Pokémon Be True!  Essential Plot Point0
593Battling A Cute Drama   0
594Classroom Training   0
595Sliding Into Seventh  Essential Plot Point0
596A Pyramiding Rage  Essential Plot Point1
597Pillars of Friendship   0
598Frozen on Their Tracks   0
599Pedal to the Mettle   0
600Evolving Strategies  Essential Plot Point2
601Uncrushing Defeat   1
602Promoting Healthy Tangrowth   0
603Beating The Bustle & Hustle!   0
604Gateway To Ruin   0
605Three Sides To Every Story   0
606Strategy Begins At Home   0
607A Faux Oak Finish!   0
608Historical Mystery Tour   0
609Challenging A Towering Figure!   0
610Where No Togepi Has Gone Before!   18
611An Egg Scramble  Essential Plot Point0
612Gone With The Windworks!   0
613A Rivalry To Gible On!  Essential Plot Point0
614Dressed For Jess Success!  Essential Plot Point0
615Bagged then Tagged  Essential Plot Point0
616Try for the Family Stone!   0
617Sticking With Who You Know   0
618Unlocking the Red Chain of Events!   0
619The Needs of Three  Essential Plot Point0
620The Battle Finale of Legend!  Essential Plot Point0
621The Treasure is All Mine!   0
622Mastering Current Events!  Essential Plot Point0
623Double-Time Battle Training!  Essential Plot Point0
624A Meteoric Rise To Excellence!   0
625Gotta Get a Gible!  Essential Plot Point0