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Nurse Joy

Like the Jennys there is very little difference in appearance of the Nurse Joys. Small differences can be noticed. A Joy in the Orange Islands had got tan from paddling around in canoe taking care of wild Pokemon.

Most of the Nurse Joy's tend to have {pkmn|pokemon|113}s as helpers, who have been trained to care and work in Pokemon centers. One exception can be found where a Nurse Joy was working with its evolved form, a clumsy {pkmn|pokemon|242}.

Nurse Joy is a very caring person and always willing to take care of sick or injured Pokemon. In the aformentioned Orange Islands episode, she cared so much for a {pkmn|pokemon|129}, that it evolved into a mighty {pkmn|pokemon|130}. The Gyarados still loved her and saved the gang from Team Rocket.

One exception to Nurse Joys caring side was found in Gringy City, a very polluted town. Ash brought {pkmn|pokemon|25} into the Pokemon center late at night and the Joy reluctantly explained it probably had a cold. The way she explained it made it sound as if she didn't care. On leaving, she told Ash she was going to try harder in future.

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