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Episode Guides | Orange League
Ash's journey around the Orange Islands. These ain't been in no game.

84A Scare in the AirGalleryEssential Plot Point0
85Pokéball PerilGalleryEssential Plot Point0
86The Lost LaprasGalleryEssential Plot Point1
87Fit To Be TideGalleryEssential Plot Point0
88Pikachu Re-VoltsGallery 1
89The Crystal OnixGallery 2
90In The PinkGallery 0
91Shell Shock!Gallery 0
92Stage Fight!Gallery 0
93Bye Bye PsyduckGallery 0
94The Joy of PokémonGallery 0
95Navel ManeuversGalleryEssential Plot Point0
96Snack AttackGalleryEssential Plot Point0
97A Shipful of ShiversGallery 0
98Meowth Rules!Gallery 0
99Tracey Gets BuggedGalleryEssential Plot Point1
100A Way Off, Day OffGallery 0
101The Mandarin Island Miss MatchGallery 0
102Wherefore Art Thou, Pokémon?Gallery 0
103Get Along, Little PokémonGallery 1
104The Mystery MenaceGallery 0
105Misty Meets Her MatchGalleryEssential Plot Point1
106Bound For TroubleGallery 0
107Charizard ChillsGalleryEssential Plot Point1
108The Pokémon Water WarGallery 0
109Pokémon Food Fight!Gallery 0
110Pokémon Double TroubleGalleryEssential Plot Point0
111The Wacky Watcher!Gallery 0
112The Stun Spore DetourGalleryEssential Plot Point0
113Hello, Pumello!GalleryEssential Plot Point0
114Enter The DragoniteGalleryEssential Plot Point0
115Viva Las LaprasGalleryEssential Plot Point2
116The Underground Round-UpGallery 0
117A Tents SituationGalleryEssential Plot Point0
118The Rivalry RevivalGalleryEssential Plot Point0