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The first series evar.

1Pokémon - I Choose You!GalleryEssential Plot Point17
2Pokémon EmergencyGalleryEssential Plot Point2
3Ash Catches a PokémonGalleryEssential Plot Point1
4Challenge of the SamuraiGalleryEssential Plot Point4
5Showdown at Pewter CityGalleryEssential Plot Point1
6Clefairy and the Moon StoneGalleryEssential Plot Point2
7The Water Flowers of Cerulean CityGalleryEssential Plot Point1
8The Path to the Pokémon LeagueGallery 1
9The School of Hard KnocksGallery 1
10Bulbasaur and the Hidden VillageGalleryEssential Plot Point1
11Charmander - The Stray PokémonGalleryEssential Plot Point2
12Here Comes the Squirtle SquadGalleryEssential Plot Point0
13Mystery at the LighthouseGalleryEssential Plot Point0
14Electric Shock ShowdownGalleryEssential Plot Point0
15Battle Aboard the St. AnneGalleryEssential Plot Point0
16Pokémon ShipwreckGalleryEssential Plot Point0
17Island of the Giant Pokémon!Gallery 0
18Beauty and the BeachGallery 2
19Tentacool & TentacruelGalleryEssential Plot Point1
20The Ghost of Maiden's PeakGallery 1
21Bye Bye ButterfreeGalleryEssential Plot Point0
22Abra and the Psychic ShowdownGalleryEssential Plot Point0
23The Tower of TerrorGalleryEssential Plot Point0
24Haunter versus KadabraGalleryEssential Plot Point1
25Primeape Goes Bananas!GalleryEssential Plot Point1
26Pokémon Scent-sation!GalleryEssential Plot Point0
27Hypno's NaptimeGalleryEssential Plot Point0
28Pokémon Fashion FlashGalleryEssential Plot Point0
29The Punchy PokémonGalleryEssential Plot Point0
30Sparks Fly For MagnemiteGalleryEssential Plot Point0
31Dig Those Diglett!GalleryEssential Plot Point0
32The Ninja Poké-ShowdownGalleryEssential Plot Point0
33The Flame Pokémon-athon!Gallery 0
34The Kangaskhan KidGallery 0
35The Legend of DratiniGalleryEssential Plot Point3
36The Bridge Bike GangGallery 1
37Ditto's Mysterious MansionGallery 0
38Electric Soldier Porygon (Japanese title)Gallery 3
39Pikachu's GoodbyeGallery 0
40The Battling Eevee BrothersGallery 0
41Wake Up Snorlax!Gallery 0
42Showdown at Dark CityGallery 0
43March of the Exeggutor SquadGalleryEssential Plot Point0
44The Problem with ParasGallery 0
45The Song of JigglypuffGalleryEssential Plot Point0
46Attack of the Prehistoric PokémonGalleryEssential Plot Point0
47A Chansey OperationGallery 0
48Holy Matrimony!GalleryEssential Plot Point0
49So Near, Yet So Farfetch'dGallery 1
50Who Gets to Keep Togepi?GalleryEssential Plot Point1
51Bulbasaur's Mysterious GardenGallery 0
52Princess vs. PrincessGalleryEssential Plot Point0
53The Purr-fect HeroGallery 0
54The Case of the K-9 Caper!Gallery 0
55Pokémon PaparazziGalleryEssential Plot Point2
56The Ultimate TestGallery 0
57The Breeding Center SecretGalleryEssential Plot Point0
58Riddle Me ThisGalleryEssential Plot Point0
59Volcanic PanicGalleryEssential Plot Point1
60Beach Blank-Out BlastoiseGallery 0
61The Misty MermaidGalleryEssential Plot Point1
62Clefairy TalesGallery 0
63The Battle of the BadgeGalleryEssential Plot Point2
64It's Mr Mime TimeGalleryEssential Plot Point0
65Holiday Hi-JynxGallery 1
66Snow Way Out!Gallery 1
67Showdown at the Po-ké CorralGalleryEssential Plot Point0
68The Evolution SolutionGalleryEssential Plot Point0
69The Pi-KahunaGallery 0
70Make Room For GloomGallery 0
71Lights, Camera, Quack-tionGallery 0
72Go West, Young MeowthGalleryEssential Plot Point2
73To Master the Onixpected!GalleryEssential Plot Point0
74The Ancient Puzzle of PokémopolisGallery 1
75Bad To The BoneGallery 0
76All Fired Up!GalleryEssential Plot Point0
77Round One - Begin!GalleryEssential Plot Point0
78Fire and IceGalleryEssential Plot Point0
79The Fourth Round RumbleGalleryEssential Plot Point0
80A Friend In DeedGalleryEssential Plot Point0
81Friend and Foe AlikeGalleryEssential Plot Point0
82Friends to the EndGalleryEssential Plot Point0
83Pallet Party PanicGalleryEssential Plot Point6