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Primeape Goes Bananas!

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Indigo League
Japanese Title
Don't Get Angry, Primeape!
English Title
Primeape Goes Bananas!
Dutch Title
Een boze Primeape
Spanish Title
El Primeape se vuelve loco
French Title
Une rencontre mouvementée
Italian Title
Una nuova conquista
German Title
Rasaff dreht durch
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This episode is essential viewing because:
Ash captures a Primeape.

We see Prof. Oaks house. He's inside drinking tea. Outside, in a pond, we see a Slowpoke, some Poliwag, and a Poliwhirl swimming. The phone rings. Ash's Krabby brings it to Prof. Oak. It's Ash! He shows Prof. Oak the four badges he has. Prof. Oak tells him all his rivals have five and they've all passed Celadon City. Gary has 30 Pokémon. Prof. Oak says Ash hasn't sent any new ones since Krabby. He says he and Krabby have become great friends. They especially like having tea together and writing poetry! Prof. Oak tells Ash he needs to catch more Pokémon.

Pikachu and Misty are eating jelly filled donuts. Ash is upset. He's falling behind. Brock says Celadon is a days walk from here. Ash says he needs the badges to make it to the Pokémon League. Misty says with Pokémon, it's quality over quantity. Ash says he'll catch lots of Pokémon!

A Mankey appears! It hops over to Brock and starts sniffing the donut hes holding. It takes the donut to a rock and starts eating it. Ash stupidly throws a Pokeball at it! The Mankey sees it and throws the donut at the ball. It gets sucked in and goes back to Ash. It opens. Misty: A Donut Pokémon?

Mankey is angry! Dexter says Mankey is usually calm, but it has a bad temper. It uses its Thrash attack and Misty, Brock, Ash and Pikachu run, with Mankey following. Misty says that Ash should have let it finish the donut. Maybe more donuts will help! Brock gets one to throw. Brock: "Poke Ball-" Ash and Misty fall over. Brock: "Oops, sorry. Donut, go!" Mankey just knocks it out of the way. It heads for Misty. It jumps over her and starts attacking Ash! It beats him up and takes his hat. It climbs up a tree wearing it.

Team Rocket is watching with binoculars. They're going to catch Pikachu, as usual. Jessie says the Boss will put them on the board of directors. James says they will rule the world. He says that if you're going to dream, do it big. Meowth says they sure are dreaming. Jessie rolls a ball of yarn to Meowth and he immediatly starts playing with it, going into a trance.Jessie: "He's easy to satisfy."

Mankey still has Ash's hat. Ash wants to get it back really bad, but he'll just get beaten up again. Besides, Misty says, its just a hat. Ash says it's an Official Pokémon League Expo hat! It's a limited edition and Ash had to send in a million postcards to get it. Losing an official hat is like losing a best friend! Ash climbs the tree. Mankey beats him up and he falls and lands on his head.

It's Team Rocket! Mankey jumps down and climbs on all of them. James kicks it away. They say their lines and tell the group to give them Pikachu. Ash say he's having a major hat crisis and to try to steal Pikachu another time. Brock says they better leave or Mankey might get them.

Mankey jumps from behind the rock. It starts glowing. It's evolving into Primeape and it's mad! Dexter says that if you make eye contact with it, it will chase you forever! Jessie and James send Koffing and Ekans. Primeape punches Jessie, sending her smashing into a rock. Jessie says how dare it damage her face! She tells Ekans and Koffing to get it. Meowth asks about Pikachu, but James say that for Team Rockey, beauty always comes before duty!

Ash's hat is on the ground. Pikachu dives to get it, but Primeape gets it first. Pikachu closes its eyes. It slowly looks up, looking right into Primeapes eyes! Ash has it use Thundershock. It just makes Primeape angrier.

Brock says he has a theory. Primeape is scared. Ash tried to catch it, then James kicked it. It stole the hat so it could get some attention. It's lonely. Brock walks over to Primeape, trying to be nice. He looks it in the eyes. Primeape punches him and he goes flying. So much for his theory.

Dexter says once Primeape uses its Thrash attack, it goes completely out of control. Primeape starts chasing them. They run through the canyon. They split up and Primeape continues chasing Ash. They run past some rocks and Primeape destroys them.

Team Rocket is digging a hole. They see Ash coming. Ash and Pikachu fall into the hole. Primeape stops at the edge. Ash tells Pikachu to shock it, but instead it shocks everyone else. Ash climbs out of the hole to be face to face with Primeape! He remembers Prof. Oak telling him to catch as many Pokémon as he could. Ash says to forget about the hat, this Pokémon isn't getting away!

He sends Squirtle and has it use Water Gun. It just makes Primeape angrier. Ash send Bulbasaur, but that doesn't work either. He sends Charmander and Primeape starts beating it up. Ash then see Charmander's tail flame starts blazing! Dexter say Charmander has started its Rage attack. It becomes more powerful the more damage it takes. It will fight until it wins. Charmander bites Primeape, but is knocked away. Charmander jumps up to use Flamethrower. Pikachu jumps and grabs Ash's hat just as Charmander fries Primeape. Ash throws a Poke Ball. Primeape is caught!

Team Rocket is still in the hole, but where is Primeape? Ash tosses the Poke Ball in the hole and Primeape beats the slag out of them. It throws them into the sky and they disappear. Ash says he's glad Primeape is on their side. Primeape punches him.

They find themselves very near to Celadon City. They would never have gotten there if Primeape hadn't chased them.

Team Rocket lands in some grass to find themselves looking at dozens of Primeapes! You can imagine what happens next.

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serperior on Fri 03 Apr 2009 15:46:48 UTC.
this one is funny

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