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Episode Guides | Kanto Battle Frontier
Ash returns to Kanto to take on the seven new challenges, collectively known as the Battle Frontier.

423Fear Factor Phony  3
424Sweet Baby James Essential Plot Point0
425A Chip Off The Old Brock! Essential Plot Point2
426Wheel Of Frontier Essential Plot Point1
427May's Egg-cellent Adventure!  Essential Plot Point0
428Weekend Warrior  Essential Plot Point0
429An Olden Pond   0
430Tactics Theatrics!  Essential Plot Point0
431Reversing The Charges  Essential Plot Point0
432Green Guardian   0
433From Cradle to Save!  Essential Plot Point0
434Time-Warp Heals All Wounds! Essential Plot Point5
435Queen Of The Serpentine!  Essential Plot Point0
436Off The Unbeaten Path!  0
437Harley Rides Again!Gallery 0
438Odd Pokémon Out GalleryEssential Plot Point1
439Spontaneous Combusken GalleryEssential Plot Point0
440Cutting The Ties That Bind GalleryEssential Plot Point0
441Ka Boom With A View GalleryEssential Plot Point0
442King and Queen For A Day! Gallery 0
443Curbing The Crimson Tide! Gallery 0
444What I Did For Love GalleryEssential Plot Point0
445Three Jynx And A Baby! Gallery 0
446Talking A Good Game! GalleryEssential Plot Point1
447Second Time's The Charm GalleryEssential Plot Point0
448Pokémon Ranger! Deoxys Crisis! (Japanese title) GalleryEssential Plot Point0
449All That Glitters Is Not Golden! Gallery 0
450New Plot - Odd Lot! GalleryEssential Plot Point0
451Going For Choke GalleryEssential Plot Point0
452The Ole' Berate and Switch   0
453Grating Spaces GalleryEssential Plot Point0
454Battling The Enemy Within GalleryEssential Plot Point0
455Slaking Kong GalleryEssential Plot Point0
456May, We Harley Drew'd Ya!  Essential Plot Point0
457Thinning The Hoard!  Essential Plot Point0
458Channeling The Battle Zone  Essential Plot Point0
459Aipom & Circumstance   0
460Strategy Tomorrow - Comedy Tonight!   0
461Duels of the Jungle Gallery 0
462Overjoyed! GalleryEssential Plot Point0
463The Unbeatable Lightness Of Seeing!  Essential Plot Point0
464Pinch Healing!   0
465Gathering The Gang Of Four! GalleryEssential Plot Point0
466Pace - The Final Frontier!  Essential Plot Point4
467Once More With Reeling  Essential Plot Point7
468Home Is Where The Start Is  Essential Plot Point3