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Dig Those Diglett!

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Indigo League
Japanese Title
Full of Diglett!
English Title
Dig Those Diglett!
Dutch Title
Diglett's wraak
Spanish Title
Aplasta a esos Diglett
French Title
Barrage contre Pokémon
Italian Title
La diga
German Title
Das Digda-Problem
Who's that Pokémon?
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This episode is essential viewing because:
Jessie's Ekans evolves into Arbok.

James's Koffing evolves into Weezing.

This episode begins with Ash and the others lost in the mountains. The Fuchsia Gym should be over some mountains, but they're surrounded on all sides by them. Brock says there should be a road up ahead.

Jessie and James are having lunch. Jessie is eating Chinese, while James is eating tea and crumpets. Meowth is doing sit-ups. Suddenly, there's an explosion! Then another. Ash and the others go to see what it was. Jessie and James, upset at having their meal ruined, do the same.

Ash, Misty, Brock and Pikachu come to a road, with dozens of trucks coming down it. Suddenly some boulders fall onto the road. All the trucks crash! Jessie and James are upset because they aren't the ones causing the destruction.

Pikachu hears something under ground. Something chanting: "Diglett dig, Diglett dig, Diglett dig" over and over. Suddenly one pops up in front of him! Then is goes back underground.

A man crawls out of a truck, saying he can't take it anymore. The Diglett are destroying everything. A few yards away, they see them popping up and down in the dirt. Misty says they're cute. The man says that because of them they can't finish building the dam. He hates the Diglett.

They're trying to build the Guvya Dam, but they can't get any supplies in because of the Diglett. The man says they have contacted able trainers to help get rid of them. Whoever does gets a 6 night stay at the Guyva Resort. Ash says they're the trainers, then the real ones show up.

Gary, his fan club, along with buses full of other trainers arrive! Gary says he's the best and #1 Pokémon trainer, etc. Ash is dead last! Misty: "He's-" Brock: "Detestable."

Gary asks whether Ash has any new Pokémon and Ash asks if he wants to see them. Gary says only amateurs show off their Pokémon. He shows them his fan club, all girls. You know what that means.

Brock says his friends are really nice. Brock: "How would one of you nice ladies like to come with me?" Girls: "Of course, sir! That would be wonderful!" Misty: "Sir?" Brock: "Okay, so they think I'm an old man, but I'm desperate." He tries asking for their number, address, e-mail, etc. Gary says the Diglett are as good as gone. He drives off. Brock didn't get the numbers.

Jessie and James figure that because they're Pokémon trainers too, they could get rid of the Diglett and get the prize! They need some R&R. They do some sort of stupid pose. Meowth dials a phone and asks if he could be transfered to a less embarassing team.

The man is talking to a huge crowd of Pokémon trainers. Man (to Ash): "Hey, boy with the Pikachu on your head. Listen with your ears, not your mouth." Team Rocket watches them and Jessie says all their outfits are terrible. They have now figured out that all these trainers would have lots of Pokémon, but James say to forget it, they'll only lose again. All they have are Ekans and Koffing. Meowth says to go to Plan B: The Principle of Induced Evolution!

The man says that the Diglett are the biggest parasitic bug Pokémon of the century. Gary corrects him, saying they aren't Bug Pokémon, so Mole Pokémon would be better. And being only 8 inches tall and weighing 2 lbs. they aren't the biggest anything this century. The man says they may seem small, but they're destroying everything - and there they are now.

Gary throws his Pokeball, but the Pokémon refuses to come out. The Diglett brings it back over to Gary. He tries using his others, but they won't come out either. Everyone tries to send theirs, but none of them will come out. The Diglett return the balls to the trainers. Misty: "Well, at least they're polite. Brock: "And unstoppable."

Ash tries to send Squirtle, with Pikachu trying to stop him. He has already thrown it though, but Squirtle won't come out, either. Gary wonders why they won't battle. The man tries to hit the Diglett with a hammer and Gary tells him that Diglett can pull themselves underground at the speed of light. Then Gary leaves with everyone else. Ash says he really doesn't like him. Brock still hasn't got those numbers.

They're all in a hot spring. They had gotten in for free. Misty also wonders why the Pokémon wouldn't fight. Pikachu sees a Diglett. They all stand up, wearing bathing suits, and Brock says they should put some clothes on first. They follow a line of Digletts carrying small saplings.

Team Rocket isn't having much luck with Plan B either. Meowth explains A Pokémon needs a certain amount of experience before it evolves and they become totally different Pokémon. Jessie and James don't know how they could change Ekans and Koffing. They hug their Pokémon and start crying. When their tears touch Ekans and Koffing, they starts glowing. They're evolving!

Ash and the others are still chasing the line of Diglett. They come to a clearing, where they see Dugtrio plowing the ground and Diglett planting the trees! Brock says this must be their home: this whole mountain. Maybe every forest in the world are beautiful gardens planted by the Diglett and Dugtrio. The man had followed and realizes that if the dam is finished, the mountain will be flooded with water and nothing could live there! That was why the Pokémon wouldn't leave the Pokéballs. The man says they are going to stop building the dam.

It/s Team Rocket! They say their lines. Then they introduce their new Pokémon, Arbok and Weezing! Ash sends Squirtle, Bulbasaur and Charmander. Weezing uses Smog. Pikachu uses Thunderbolt, but Arbok dodges. Arbok digs underground and Weezing follows. Then, suddenly, they hear the Diglett and Dugtrio. "Diglett dig, Diglett dig! Trio, trio trio! Diglett dig, Diglett dig!" Jessie and James: "Trio, trio, trio!" Arbok and Weezing are thrown out, beaten up. Then a wave of dirt hits them and Team Rocket. They surf on it for a minute, until they see the unfinished dam right ahead! They hit it and fall.

The man says he has learned his lesson. Brock says the Fushcia Gym is right over these mountains. They leave.

This episode guide has been written by flik.

Dig Those Diglett! Trivia:

 This episode marks Nathan Price's last episode as Meowth.
 Pokémon can apparently choose whether or not to come out of their Pokéballs.
 Team Rocket break the fourth wall by mentioning that Arbok and Weezing are appearing "for the first time on TV".
 This episode marks the first time two characters' Pokémon evolve in the same episode.

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James' Weezing
First appearance, evolves in this episode

Jessie's Arbok
First appearance, evolves in this episode

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