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Wake Up Snorlax!

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Indigo League
Japanese Title
Wake Up! Snorlax!
English Title
Wake Up Snorlax!
Spanish Title
Despierta Snorlax
French Title
Sommeil sans faim
Italian Title
Il Pokémon addormentato
German Title
Relaxo im Tiefschlaf
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Ash and the others continue on their journey. Pikachu is sleeping. They see an old guy sitting on a rock. He says "groovy" and "hello children of the universe". He's some kind of hippy. He plays a Pokeflute. Pikachu wakes up upon hearing it. He then asks if they have any food to give him, but they don't even have any for themselves! They leave.They haven't eaten since yesterday. They see a town!

We then see the guy playing for Team Rocket, who aren't as impressed as Ash and the others were. They tell him to get some music lessons and leave.

There's no food in the town either! No bread in the bakery or anything! They sit down somewhere, complainig about how hungry they are. A weird guy come over to them. Brock says there is no food and Misty says how hungry she is.

We see a big house. Inside, Ash and the others are stuffing their faces. The man explains that there is no water in the river and all their produce has dried up. It's hard to get food, but his family can live off their stores for a while. It's been raining the same amount it always does, but the river stopped flowing two weeks ago. Brock says the problem may be upstream. Misty says they have to pay him back for the food.

They walk along the dry riverbed. They come to a dead end. A mass of thorns! They try to crawl through and Misty gets scratched. Ash sends Bulbasaur, who uses Razor Leaf, cutting the thorns. Misty tries to send Starmie, but Psyduck comes instead. It gets tangled up. They go through to see a spring that has also dried up. They hear something. They go around a bend, to see something huge! A Snorlax is blocking the water.

They have to move it. They try waking it up. Ash even tries using a megaphone. Brock suggests they try and move it. No luck, a Snorlax can weigh 1000 lbs! Brock says maybe Ash could catch it in a Poké Ball! He tries, but it just bounces off.

It's Team Rocket! James is holding a camera and Jessie has a microphone. She says how they're going to wake it up. They say their lines. Ash says they're so boring, Snorlax will go into a deeper sleep! They say they're going to move Snorlax by attaching cables to it and moving it with their balloon! Meowth comes with it, and Ash says that if they move Snorlax, the water will flow again! So they help Team Rocket. The balloon starts going up, but then the cables snap and it goes flying.

They try to wake it. They try an alarm clock, splashing water on it, but nothing works! Then Jessie has an idea. In Sleeping Beauty, the girl was awakened by the kiss of a noble prince. So maybe a kiss from a noble Pokémon might work! But who? Brock says Misty's Horsea is pretty noble, but she doesn't want it to kiss Snorlax. They say she should at least try. She gets the Pokeball she thinks is Horsea, but it turns out to be Psyduck instead. It kisses Snorlax! Misty hits it over the head and it looks at her and blushes and smiles.

As for Team Rocket, they've dressed up Meowth in a little prince outfit! Jessie says they'll bring the Snorlax to the Boss. Meowth refuses to kiss it. They force him to. Snorlax gets a weird looks on its face. Ash says it looks like it's been poisoned. Brock says how else would you look if you'd been kissed by Meowth? Ash says he'd want to get a new mouth.

Snorlax rolls over and there's something under it! It's a 'Do Not Disturb' sign. On the back, it says that in case of an emergency, use a Poké Flute. Misty says that old hippy had one. They leave. Team Rocket follows.

The guy is asleep and Ash and the others run over and say they have a favor to ask him. Then Team Rocket comes and tries to make him come with them. Jessie sends Arbok, but Ash's Pidgeotto uses Gust, blowing them all away in a tornado.

They take the man to the Snorlax. As it turns out, it belongs to him! He just comes once a month to wake it up. He's a bit behind this month. He plays it and Snorlax wakes up! It walks away. But a bunch of thorns are still blocking the water! Luckily, Snorlaxs favorite food is thorns and it eats them all. The river is flowing again! The other man from the town says they'll have a huge banquet in celebration.

We see Team Rocket really beat up. They see the old hippy. Snorlax has gone back to sleep! The man says he'll wake it up next month. Something beeps and he pulls out a clock shapped like a Snorlax. He leaves. Team Rocket falls over. Should they still try and get it? Then Snorlax rolls over, crushing them.

This episode guide has been written by flik.

Wake Up Snorlax! Trivia:

 This is one of the few episodes in which the episode title remains the same in both the Japanese and English versions.
 Misty is shown bleeding in this episode - to date, a character has only been shown bleeding 3 times in the anime.

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