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Challenge of the Samurai

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Indigo League
Japanese Title
Challenge of the Samurai Boy
English Title
Challenge of the Samurai
Dutch Title
De Samoerai Uitdaging!
Spanish Title
El reto del Samurai
French Title
Le défi du Samouraï
Italian Title
La sfida del Samurai
German Title
Die Herausforderung
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This episode is essential viewing because:
Ash's Metapod evolves into Butterfree.

This episode starts with Misty screaming. She has spotted a Weedle! Ash uses Pidgeotto to fight it. Weedle is knocked out and Ash prepares to throw a Pokeball at it. Then a Samurai looking person appears behind him and asks if he is a trainer from Pallet Town. Ash says he is, but he is busy. Samurai says he has been searching the forest for him, and that he challenges him to a fight. Ash realizes he has forgotten about Weedle, but is too late, it has run away.

Ash says it only got away because Samurai distracted him. He tells Ash not to blame his failures on him. He again challenges him. Ash sends Pidgeotto, but it is tired from the last battle. Samurai sends Pinsir, a huge Bug Pokemon. Ash has Pidgeotto use Sand-Attack, but Pinsir tackles Pidgeotto, knocking it out. Ash brings it back and sends out Metapod. Samurai says to watch and weep as Pinsir crushes it in half. Ash has Metapod use Harden, and Pinsir grabs it. It tries to crush it, only to crack its own pincers!

Samurai brings back Pinsir and sends out Metapod! Of course, all Metapod can do is Harden their shells, so Ash tells his to go to maximum hardness, and Samurai does the same.

Meanwhile, somewhere in the forest, we see Jessie and James walking around carrying a card-board tank to protect themselves from Beedrill.

Back with the others, Ash and Samurai are still trying to beat each other, by having their Metapod use Harden. Pikachu is lying on a beach chair, wearing sunglasses and drinking juice. Suddenly, a loud buzzing is heard: a Beedril swarm! One of them grabs Ash's Metapod. Ash tries to bring it back, but he can't! He, Misty, Samurai and Pikachu run. They come to a tree, covered in Kakuna! Ash sees Metapod, and says that a little loudly. Misty tells him to be quiet, but it is too late. The Kakuna evolve into Beedrill! They all run again, forcing Ash to leave Metapod. They run into Samurai's cabin.

Samurai said that Ash letting Weedle escape nearly cost them their lives. He keeps calling him novice, which really makes Ash mad. Samurai said that none of the other trainers from Pallet Town would have been that irresponsible. He said that he had fought three, and had lost to them all.

The next moring, Ash goes back to the Kakuna hive. He sees Metapod! Then Meowth jumps on his head and Team Rocket appears, and start saying their lines. Ash says to keep it down so they wont wake the Beedrill. They don't listen, and wake the Beedrill! Ash figures if he makes it past them, maybe they'll dive-bomb Team Rocket. He gets past and they go after Team Rocket. They figure the tank will come in handy, but its being eaten by Weedles! They had made it out of paper to reduce the weight. They run for their lives.

Ash runs to Metapod, and tells it to get into the Pokeball, but it seems upset. He tells it he didnt mean to, and picks it up. He says it was all Samurai's fault, then he trips and falls. He admits that it was his fault and that he should stop making excuses, and Metapods eyes get watery-looking. Suddenly, a Beedrill appears behind Ash, flying towards him! Misty, Samurai and Pikachu come, surrounded by some sort of net. They see the Beedrill coming and tell Ash to watch out. Just as it reaches Ash, Metapod jumps up, and the Beedrill hits it instead. It flies away with a broken stinger, and Metapod has a large gash on its back. Ash picks it up, and asks if its okay.

A bright light comes from the gash! Its evolving! Metapod evolves into Butterfree. Ash has it use its Sleep Powder to put all the Beedrill to sleep and it works! Ash cheers and Samurai compliments him on his Pokemon handling.

So, Misty, Ash, and Pikachu continue on their way, but Team Rocket has been captured by Beedrills, and are dressed up like Kakuna. They accidentally wake the Beedrills, and you can imagine what happened next.

This episode guide has been written by flik.

Challenge of the Samurai Trivia:

 This is the first time in which Team Rocket recite their "Prepare for trouble!" motto.
 Ash's Metapod is shown to leave an empty shell behind when it evolves - in later episodes this is not the case.
 This episode was banned in South Korea.

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Tomato Worm on Wed 07 Nov 2007 07:09:01 UTC.
Has anyone noticed that ash says cr@p in this episode?
Spiro T. Agnew on Fri 07 Dec 2007 19:50:12 UTC.
It's "Take back that novice crack". A crack is an attempt at a joke.
nameratersaremean on Fri 17 Jun 2011 22:39:53 UTC.
Pinsir!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dont crush ash's metapod

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