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Abra and the Psychic Showdown

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Indigo League
Japanese Title
Abra! Psychic Confrontation!
English Title
Abra and the Psychic Showdown
Dutch Title
Kadabra en het paranormale gevecht
Spanish Title
Kadabra y el enfrentamiento psíquico
French Title
Quand la télékinésie s'en mêle
Italian Title
German Title
Abra und das Psycho-Duell
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This episode is essential viewing because:
Ash challenges Sabrina and loses.

We see a small, greenish/blue haired girl wearing a dress and a hat. She is sitting on someone's lap, but they're in shadows. Two red, glowing eyes appear behind her. They then turn to normal eyes and we see Ash, Brock, Misty and Pikachu reflected in them. Then a womans voice says "So, time for us to play."

Ash, Brock, Misty and Pikachu are lost in a dark and mysterious forest. Ash said he'll never listen to Misty again, because she got them lost. They start arguing. Pikachu starts yelling and pointing. They looks to see the little girl bouncing a ball. Her eyes are covered by her hat. Ash asks whether she's from around here. She laughs and runs off. Ash chases her. The little girl keeps giggling. She disappears in the fog and Ash runs right off the edge of a cliff! Thinking fast, he sends Bulbasaur to the top of the cliff. Bulbasaur catches Ash with its vines and pulls him up. But where is the little girl? They looks out and see Saffron City!

As they walk through the gate, some small explosion occur in front of them. An attack? They see two girls in hula costumes, who are obviously Team Rocket. They put leis (those Hawaiian flower wreaths) around their neck and they both kiss Ash on the cheek. They're winners. Ash gets suspicious. How can they win something by just walking into the city? They're the 1,000,001st, 2nd and 3rd people to come to the city!

They take them into a building, saying the grand prize room is in there. One of them, James, grabs Pikachu. They push Ash, Brock, and Misty onto a warp tile and they are teleported away. They come to a weird room and Ash wonders where the prizes are. Misty yells at him, it's Team Rocket, it's a trap!

Team Rocket appears on a computer screen. They say their lines. While they do, Misty, Brock and Ash are sitting there drinking something. They say Team Rocket is boring.

They have Pikachu tied up. Suddenly, the screen goes blank. Jessie and James can't get it to work. They see the little girl the others saw earlier. A glowing blue aura surrounds her. Jessie and James find themselves frozen. The girl gets Pikachu and disappears. She transports to the room Ash, Misty and Brock are in and gives Pikachu to them. She starts glowing again and they all find themselves back outside!

They find themselves near a creepy looking building. A jogger runs over to them and tells them that is Sabrina's gym. He also says they should stay away from it. Then he leaves. Ash says he needs that Marshbadge, though. They go inside.

It seems to be deserted. They wander around and soon come to a room. They look through the window to see lots of people at tables. They see one man trying to guess symbols on a card and a woman bend a spoon without touching it. A weird guy with red hair wearing what looks like a surgical mask thing walks over to them. He has a foreign accent. Ash says he's there for a Pokemon match. The man laughs at him for wanting to challenge the great Sabrina. Misty asks what the people in the room are doing. The man says something about them knowing so little, yet wanting to fight the great Sabrina. He takes out a spoon and concentrates. The spoon bends! Ash asks him if he has a headache. The man said he used Telekinesis. You need it to control Psycic Pokemon.

Ash says he has his own method for bending spoons and then proceeds to bend it with his hands. Misty and Brock get embarassed and say they've never met him before. The man says he will take them to Sabrina.

It looks more like a temple than a Pokemon arena. The man goes up to the front and kneels, saying these losers want to challnge the great Sabrina, but he doesnt know why she'd waste her time. It's the little girl! She looks up. Her eyes are glowing red. The man cries out in pain. He says that it is not his place to decide who she challenges and runs out of the room screaming.

Ash says he wants a Pokemon match. The little girl nods and says that if they lose, they have to be her friends and play with her. Ash says that's okay, shes just a little girl. Then the light turns on, revealing the real Sabrina, who was sitting with the little girl on her lap. Sabrina: "So now time for us to play." She talks with a very emotionless voice.

She floats to the arena. She says it will be a one on one, all out match. Ash says he]ll use Pikachu. Sabrina sends Abra. Pikachu runs over to Abra and starts yelling at it, but it just sits there. Pikachu runs around it, trying to get a response, but it just sits there. Ash wonders why anyone would send out a sleeping Pokemon. He figures she must be making fun of him. He consults Dexter. It says that Abra sleeps 16 hours a day. But even while sleeping it can use Telekinesis. Ash tells Pikachu to shock it. Sabrina's eyes glow red and Abra opens it eyes, which also glow red.

Abra has disappeared! It has Teleported. Sabrina: "Childish fools." She glows blue and so does Abra. It evolves into Kadabra. Kadabra is much more powerful than Abra. Ash tells Pikachu to fill the stadium with electricity. It does, creating a whirl of lightning. The bolts shoot down to Kadabra, but Sabrina has Kadabra use Confusion. The lightning goes back towards Pikachu and hits it. Kadabra uses Psychic. Pikachu gets picked up by the power. Ash thinks Pikachu is doing it itself. Pikachu begins dancing around, being controlled by Kadabra, then Kadrabra uses its powers to slam Pikachu against the ceiling, the floor the ceiling again and so on. Ash is has to forfeit, Pikachu is hurt badly.

The girl says they have to be her friends now. Her eyes glow red. Ash, Misty, Brock and Pikachu are transported to a strange town. It's strangely empty. They go into one of the houses, but no one is home. They spot some food on the table. Brock takes a bite, to find out it's fake. Ash walks into the bathroom to see a woman taking a bath. He freaks out, but Pikachu points out it's a doll. Misty and Brock come to a startling conclusion: They're in a dollhouse! Everything is made from plastic.

Everything starts shaking and the roof is lifted off. It's Sabrina and that little girl. The girl says she wants to play. Ash says she's pretty tall for a little girl and Misty says they must have shrunk. Sabrina grabs for them but they run away and start running down the street. They're in a huge toy town. The little girl laughs. The girl is now in the town and her eyes are normal. Ash, Misty, Brock and Pikachu come to a dead end, a huge photo of the little girl and a man and a woman. She bounces her ball and rolls it at them. They're going to be squashed. The weird man with the beard they met outside appears. He teleports them all away. The little girl says she wants to play again sometime.

They are all teleported outside. The man tells them to stay away from Sabrina, she is dangerous. He won't be able to help them next time. They should leave and never come back. Ash says he has to win. Suddenly he starts glowing blue. His pants are pulled down and he starts dancing! Misty asks what on Earth he is doing and he says he's being controlled. The man says if Ash can't beat him, he'll never beat Sabrina. Ash asks the man to teach him how to be psychic. The man says you usually have to be born with it and you can't just learn it. Ash tries to walk towards the man but is thrown back. Ash says he has the guts to face Sabrina, but the man says guts don't count and Ash gets thrown back again. Ash tries to get towards the man again, but he is being forced back by the man's powers. Ash crawls over to him, and collapses. The man says he is one determined kid. The man explains that there is one Pokémon that can stand a chance against a psychic. A Ghost Pokémon from Lavender Town. The guy vanishes.

They head for Lavender Town while the man watches from a tree. He says that with a little luck, they just may be able to rescue Sabrina.

We see Meowth dragging a still frozen Jessie and James.

This episode guide has been written by flik.

Abra and the Psychic Showdown Trivia:

 In this episode Ash is told that a Ghost type Pokémon will be strong against Psychic types. At the time of airing, Psychic types were actually immune to Ghost type moves.

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