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Haunter versus Kadabra

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Indigo League
Japanese Title
Haunter VS Kadabra
English Title
Haunter versus Kadabra
Dutch Title
Waar is Haunter?
Spanish Title
Haunter versus Kadabra
French Title
La revenche
Italian Title
Haunter contro Kadabra
German Title
Alpollo vs. Kadabra
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This episode is essential viewing because:
Ash has a rematch with Sabrina and wins the Marsh Badge.

Ash leaves Haunter with Sabrina.

They've made it back to Saffron City!

Brock is afraid of Haunter. Misty wonders how he can be afraid of something so cute. Haunter nuzzles her, then it Licks her. She's paralyzed. Haunter gets upset and starts crying. Ash says it's no big deal and it stops. Ash tells it about Sabrina and asks whether Haunter will help him defeat her, since Ghosts are strong against Psychic. Haunter says it will.

They arrive at the Saffron Gym. Ash wants to go in. This time, Sabrina won't make him look like a joke! But where are Brock, Misty and Pikachu? They say good luck and they'll wait outside. They would rather not go, after being shrunk and almost crushed last time. Ash says they dont have to worry. He has Haunter! Misty says that maybe Haunter is the one controlling him. We see Haunter looming over Ash, but Ash says that he and Haunter are great pals. Haunter agrees. They will beat Sabrina!

They're back at the temple looking room. Ash demands a rematch. The little girl/doll thing says he doesn't have a chance. He's going to lose and she'll get to play with him. Sabrina: "Go, Kadabra." Ash sends out Haunter. Sabrina says (possibly surprised if she talked with any emotions) that Ash actually caught a Ghost Pokemon. But where is it? Haunter is gone! Brock says the ghost might have gotten spooked. Sabrina says to send another Pokemon or he'll go back to the toy box. Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander refuse to fight. Sabrina looms over Ash, her eyes glowing. Ash says he quits, then he runs out the door! The little girl says it will be fun to catch them.

Sabrina starts closing all the exits. Ash and his Pokémon are trapped. Misty and Brock run towards the door, but the little girl looks up and her eyes glow red. Brock and Misty are turned into dolls! The girl is going to turn Ash and his Pokémon into dolls too. The weird man appears. He uses Teleportation. Sabrina says he's back.

The man appears outside. Ash and the Pokémon appear above and fall onto him. The Pokémon are playing around. Ash says that Sabrina is the meanest Pokémon trainer he's ever met. The man says she wasn't always that way. Ash asks if he knew Sabrina. The man says he heard stories.

Cue flashback. We see a much younger Sabrina bending spoons on a rack. The whole rack is torn apart. We then see her playing with a golf club. Two people, her parents, tell her to stop. The man tells her to give it to him. He sounds like the weird guy. Sabrina's eyes glow red and her hair rises a bit. She throws her parents back with her powers. We then see her place her hand on a wall in her house. We then see the whole house collapse. The man says how Sabrina only wanted to be left alone to develop her Psychic powers. She never made any friends. She drove her parents away with her powers. The conflict made her split into two girls. The strong Pokémon trainer that was always getting into trouble and the little girl who wanted to make friends. The doll she carries around with her represents the latter.

The man shows Ash a picture of Sabrina as a child and her parents. Ash notices it's the same picture Sabrina had in her toy box. That must mean... The man thinks Ash has figured out that he is Sabrina's father, but then Ash says that he must be a photographer. The man yells and asks why Ash doesn't get it?! Ash isn't sure what he's talking about. The man says to forget it.

The man says if Ash is to defeat Sabrina, he needs to find Haunter. Ash has to look for Haunter in the city.

Ash and Pikachu are searching for Haunter. Where is it?

On the side of a building, we see Team Rocket on one of those window washer things. They have a plan to capture Pikachu with a deadly weapon that has been perfected over thousands of years: a fishing net. Just as they are about to throw it, Haunter appears. It makes a weird face. Team Rocket screams and they fall. They are now dangling from the thing they were in. Jessie is holding on, with James and Meowth holding onto her. She can't pull them up. Haunter starts making silly faces. Jessie tries not to laugh. James says that if she does, they'll fall. Haunter keeps making faces. Jessie cracks. They fall.

They hit, creating a huge hole. Ash sees them, then he sees Haunter. Haunter stopped Team Rocket from catching Pikachu. Ash asks Haunter if it would help him defeat Sabrina. Haunter says it will.

Meanwhile, at the toy box, we see Misty and Brock, as dolls, sitting on a little sofa. Someone else is there, too. It's Sabrinas mother as a doll! She says not to feel badly at Sabrina, she was a good girl once. The roof is lifted upby the doll girl! She says her new dolls are cute. Maybe they can have a tea party. Brock says to turn them back. Misty says she'll challenge Sabrina. If she wins, she'll turn them back. The girl says she won't, they'll run away. This way they can play forever.

It's Ash. The girl says he'll never beat her. It will be a one on one fight. She sends Kadabra, Ash sends Haunter, but it has disappeared again. Sabrina says he should forfeit. The girl says she'll have even more toys to play with. Where is Haunter? Sabrina says he won't escape this time.

Pikachu wants to fight. Ash says he doesn't stand a chance, but Pikachu doesn't want Ash turned into a doll.

Pikachu uses Thundershock, but Kadabra uses Teleport. It then uses Psybeam, making Pikachu faint. It recovers and uses Thunderbolt. Kadabra is hit and is hurt. Sabrina has it use Recover. It's fully healed.

Suddenly Haunter appears in front of Sabrina. It laughs. The little girl says two against one isn't fair. The man appears. It says Haunter isn't battling, it's playing around on its own, so it isn't against the rules. Haunter starts making silly faces at Sabrina. It licks its eyes off with its tongue and starts bouncing them around on it! Sabrina doesn't react. Haunter then reaches into a pocket of some sort and pulls out a bomb. Haunter holds it as the fuse burns. They both just stand there, Haunter smiling. It explodes!

They're both covered with soot. Sabrina still has an emotionless expression. Then, suddenly, she smiles and starts laughing.

Ash is shocked. That's Sabrina laughing. The man says he's never seen her so happy before. Ash says that if the man has known Sabrina her whole life... The man thinks that maybe Ash has actually figured it out, but then Ash says that he must have taken her baby pictures. The man shouts, how dense can someone be?

The man says that Haunter has helped Sabrina get back to normal. Ash asks about the match. He then looks to see Kadabra rolling around on the ground laughing! The man explains that it and Sabrina are linked telepathically. As Sabrina laughs, the doll fades away. Misty and Brock are turned back to normal. The man says since Kadabra cannot fight, Ash is the winner!

So Ash, Misty, Brock and Pikachu wave goodbye. Sabrina's mom is back to normal and Haunter is staying with them. Ash has a Marshbadge! He wonders if he really deserves it. Misty says that having Sabrina laugh herself into defeat was a great strategy.

The hole Team Rocket fell in gets filled with cement. The others think they hear Team Rocket's voice, but they decide its nothing and continue to Celadon City! Team Rocket is getting covered with cement! They manage to get out, though.

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