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The Problem with Paras

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Indigo League
Japanese Title
Paras and Parasect
English Title
The Problem with Paras
Spanish Title
¡El problema con Paras!
French Title
La potion miracle
Italian Title
Un Pokémon pauroso
German Title
Die Paras Problematik
Who's that Pokémon?
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Ash, Misty, Brock and Pikachu have arrived in Mossgreen Village. It's so small there's no gym there. Ash says they shouldn't stop there, but Brock points out that they're all out of Potions and Antidotes. Misty says they should get some food. Ash says he wants a cheeseburger, but Misty says she wants to eat somewhere nice. They argue as someone watches them from the bushes.

Jessie and James, obviously. They start to follow them, but realize they're forgetting Meowth! The cat Pokémon is lying against a tree and not looking too good. Jessie tells him to get up, putting her hand on his head. She gets burned. Meowth is sick. James says if they leave him there, he might collapse from the fever. Jessie says he still has 8 lives left. They have to nab that Pikachu! Before they can leave, a girl stops them. She says they are very irresponsible trainers to abandon a Pokémon in this condition. Jessie and James are shocked she thinks that they're Meowths trainers. They say they're not trainers, they are super heroes. The Team Rocket Super Squad! The girl says they're super losers for leaving a sick Pokémon. She starts mixing some plants together. Meowth sees her. She has him drink the medicine. He suddenly looks a lot better. She tells Jessie and James to give him some pills after every meal, then she leaves. Meowth says he must be in love. Jessie and James wonder if he might be sick again, and he scratches them. He's back to normal!

Ash, Misty and Brock go into a house. There are rows of jars on the shelves. An old woman is mixing some stuff. Brock says they're here to buy potions. The woman says she has a special root that cures insomnia and will grow hair on your nose and tongue. They ask if she has a no hair formula. A girl, the same one from before, says not to frighten their customers. She asks if she can help them. Brock immediately says stuff about them both caring about Pokémon, maybe they could talk about it over dinner. She says they could talk about it over a Pokémon battle! Ash says he will.

Team Rocket watches from outside. Meowth wants to find the nice girl who helped him. She comes out of the house and he gets big hearts in his eyes.

The girl, Cassandra, sends a Paras. Pikachu tries to say hi, but Paras backs away scared. Cassandra wants Paras to evolve, but its too cowardly to battle. Misty asks why she wants it to evolve so fast. Cassandra explains that she needs the mushroom on Parasect's back. She wants to use it to make a special Miracle potion.

Meowth says he wants to make Cassandra's dream come true. James and Meowth discuss love until Jessie hits them over the head. They have to catch Pikachu!

Ash tells Pikachu they have to let Paras win. Ash is about to tell it to use Thundershock, but that might be pushing it. He tells Pikachu to just give it a little static shock. A tiny little bolt hits Paras, knocking it out. How is it ever going to get experience? Brock says they should use a Pokémon that's weaker than it. Paras is Bug/Grass, so it would be strong against Water. Ash sends Squirtle! He says Paras has to win. Ash tells Squirtle to just use a little bit of water. Squirtle using just a thin stream, but that knocks out Paras, too. Ash says he has to get it to evolve. He sends Charmeleon.

He tells it to go easy on Paras, but Charmeleon has a weird look in its eyes. Misty says it doesn't look like a loser. It starts charging up its flame. Ash tells it to stop, but it doesnt and hits Paras, then it kicks it. Paras runs away. Ash demands to know what Charmeleon was doing. Misty says Charmeleon is out of control. Pikachu shocks it, knocking it out. Cassandra says that Paras has run away. Ash says he was happy when Charmander evolved, but now he's not so sure. Now they need to find Paras.

Paras is running through the forest. It finds itself face to face with Meowth!

Ash says it's his fault Paras ran away. Cassandra says it has no confidence. Brock asks what the potion she's going to make does. She says it will not only heal a Pokémon, but also refill its attack, confidence, determination, a few other things, and make it smarter! Misty says she should give Ash a taste of it. Cassandra says her Paras needs more confidence.

Jessie and James says that if they help Paras evolve, what's in it for them? Meowth explains that the potion Cassandra makes would make them all rich! They'll get the money because Cassandra will probably make him the company mascot! Jessie and James would love to have lots of money and Meowth wants to spend the rest of his life with Cassandra. He says he needs to borrow Arbok and Weezing. They're pretty good at losing.

Arbok lunges for Paras, but Meowth steps on its tail and it falls. Paras pokes it. Jessie and James congratulate it on winning! Then Weezing tries. Meowth knocks it out with a branch. Paras pokes it. Again, Jessie and James congratulate it on winning. Meowth says it still doesn't have enough experience. He says it might if it beats him! Paras pokes him and Meowth pretends to lose. Paras seems to have a lot of confidence now. It climbs up a tree as Ash, Cassandra, Misty and Brock come. They see Paras and it jumps down. Cassandra says it's acting strange.

Paras wants to fight Pikachu! Ash tells Pikachu to go easy on it and while Pikachu is facing Ash, Paras pokes Pikachu's tail. Pikachu is about to shock it, but Ash says to pretend to lose. Pikachu shrugs and falls over, holding a white flag. Paras looks very proud of itself.

Ash sends Charmeleon again, but it just sits there. Ash says Charmander was so obedient before. Charmeleon completely ignores him! Cassandra's grandmother comes and explains that if you are a bad trainer, your Pokémon won't obey you! Ash tries to get Charmeleon to return, but it tries torching Ash. It breaths fire at Paras! Suddenly, Jessie, James and Meowth come in disguises and say Paras can beat that Charmeleon and that they're the Pokemon Pep Squad! They do a little cheer, then Charmeleon fries them!

Paras runs, right into a tree. Charmeleon is about to fry it. Paras pokes Charmeleon with its front leg. Charmeleon falls over, beaten! Paras starts glowing. It evolves into Parasect! Ash says they're proud of it and never doubted it. Team Rocket recovers and so does Charmeleon, who hits them and sends them flying. It's about to hit Parasect, but it uses Spore, putting Charmeleon to sleep! Brock says it will make a powerful potion. Ash puts Charmeleon back into a Pokeball.

Cassandra thanks them and says she'll make the potion, and help all Pokemon. Brock says they'll be her first customers. They leave. Team Rocket lands near the house. Later, we see Cassandra taking care of Meowth. She asks how she could repay them for helping to train Paras. Meowth says the least she could do would be to make him the company mascot. She says she'd never take him away from Team Rocket! Meowth gets upset and the grandma says they already have a mascot: a Persian she found sleeping in the backyard. Cassandra says she'll take care of it as if it was Meowth, so Meowth can go on and be a superhero. Meowth cries. They leave.

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The Problem with Paras Trivia:

 This was the first episode to air in America on Kids' WB!

 Misty shows no fear of Paras in this episode, despite being scared of Bug types.

 This episode implies that Pokémon in the anime only gain experience points if they win a battle.

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