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Mystery at the Lighthouse

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Indigo League
Japanese Title
Bill's Lighthouse
English Title
Mystery at the Lighthouse
Dutch Title
Mysterie in de vuurtoren
Spanish Title
Misterio en el faro
French Title
Le mystère du phare
Italian Title
Il mistero del faro
German Title
Der geheimnisvolle Leuchturm
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This episode is essential viewing because:
Ash catches a Krabby.

This episode begins with our heroes lost. Ash runs ahead and finds himself on a beach, facing the ocean. He sees a Krabby! Ash says it looks kind of shrimpy, and Krabby blows some bubbles, which I think means it's upset. Ash says he's sorry, only to get his finger pinched.

Battle! However, Ash doesn't send any Pokemon. Instead, he gets a stick and swipes at Krabby. Krabby chops it into pieces. Ash throws a Pokeball. Krabby is caught! Then the Pokeball dissapears in a beam of light! Ash freaks out.

Misty explains that he can only have 6 Pokemon at a time. Krabby has been transferred to wherever Ash got his Pokedex - Prof. Oaks house. Ash is worried, though.

Pikachu sees a lighthouse on a cliff in the distance. By the time they get there, it's dark. There are engravings of different Pokemon on the door, like Pikachu, Jynx, Growlithe and some sort of bird. A voice from a speaker next to the door asks who is there? Ash says they need to use a phone, Misty asks if they can spend the night and Brock wonders if theres a kitchen he can use, and he would cook something for him, too.

The man is only too willing to comply. His cook has been on vacation and he's been eating nothing but tofu. The doors open, revealing a huge room. Ash runs over to a video phone, shaped like a Bellsprout. He calls Prof. Oak to see him cooking something. Ash asks in panic if he is eating his Krabby. He isnt, of course. He said it wouldnt make a very good meal, anyway, Not compared to the one Gary caught. Prof. Oak steps aside, revealing Ashs tiny Krabby, and the HUGE one Gary caught! Gary has caught 45 Pokemon!

Prof. Oak asks where Ash is and Ash says he is at a lighthouse. Prof. Oak says it must be Bill's lighthouse. Bill is a Pokemon researcher., and Ash should learn all he can from him. Bill then reveals himself. It is a Kabuto, an extinct Pokemon.

Meanwhile, we see Team Rocket on a nearby cliff. They figure there will be rare Pokemon at the lighthouse, but, being the bad guys, they have to scale the cliff to get there.

Bill explains he's in a costume, but he can't get out. Ash helps Bill out of the costume. Bill says that wearing a costume of an extinct Pokemon can help him understand how it lived. He tells them that there are 150 known species, but there are many unknown ones. A big screen of all the different Pokemon appear around them.

Team Rocket is still climbing the cliff.

Bill says how there is only one type of Pokemon hes searching for. It is the biggest Pokemon ever and it's the only one of its kind! It travels the world, looking for friends. One night, Bill says, he heard a strange sound. He translated it. It said" "I want to meet you, I want to be friends." He sent a message back: "I want to meet you too!"

Suddenly they hear the sound! It sounds like a humpback whale crossed with one of the brachiosaurs from Jurassic Park. From the mist comes a HUGE Pokemon. It looks like a Dragonite, but it is ways too big! It sort of begins to sing. Misty asks Brock if he wants to dance.

On the cliff, Team Rocket sees the Pokemon. Jessie: "That's a big Pokemon". James: "So I guess size really does matter." James says its singing sounds very haunting, but sweet. Jessie pulls out a bazooka from seemingly nowhere, but James gets upset. He and Jessie both fire anyway. The Pokemon gets angry, and rips off the top of the lighthouse! James says even he feels bad about shooting such a sweet creature. It hits them with its tail and they fall into the water.

Bill asks the Pokemon to stay, but it leaves anyway. Bill and Ash talk. Bill says that even though their paths are different, their goals are the same.

This episode guide has been written by flik.

Mystery at the Lighthouse Trivia:

 There is an image of Mewtwo on the door to the lighthouse.
 Towards the end of the episode there is a Dragonite-shaped cloud.
 Several unidentified Badges are seen during this episode.
 Brock mentions that Trainers can switch the Pokémon in their party by pressing a button located in their Pokédex - this is never mentioned again.

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