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The Path to the Pokémon League

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Indigo League
Japanese Title
Road to the Pokémon League
English Title
The Path to the Pokémon League
Dutch Title
Op weg naar het Pokémonkampioenschap!
Spanish Title
El camino hacia la Liga Pokémon
French Title
Le chemin qui mène à la Ligue Pokémon
Italian Title
Impegnati e vincerai
German Title
Harte Schale - weicher Kern
Who's that Pokémon?
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Ash and the others are lost. Ash wants to get another badge in Vermilion City. He beats another trainer's Rattata with his Pidgeotto. That's ten in a row! He beats another kid and shows off his two badges. The kid is really impressed and says Ash might be able to beat A.J., who trains savage Pokémon. He owns his own gym and has never lost, but the kid says Ash can probably do it. Misty says Ash is getting a big head. Brock says his brain is still the same size.

They see the sign for the gym. A.J. has gotten 98 wins in a row! A guy carrying a backpack walks over to them and asks if they are his next victims. Ash says yes and A.J. asks if hes ready to lose. They go through the gate to see a small Pokémon battle field and a tent. A Butterfree comes and carries off the backpack, which contains the new Pokémon A.J. caught.

A.J. gets out a whip and says that as soon as he gets 100 wins, he is going to compete for badges. Ash says he already has 2. A.J. says he must have won them in some loser gyms, which really makes Brock and Misty mad. They tell Ash to beat him. A.J. sends a Sandshrew. Pikachu's powers wont be effective, so Ash sends Pidgeotto, because Flying Pokémon have the advantage against Ground types.

Pidgeotto dives, but Sandshrew jumps up and hits it. Ash has to bring it back. He sends Butterfree. It uses Stun Spore, but Sandshrew digs underground. It jumps up and knocks Butterfree to the ground, pinning it! Ash tries to get Pikachu to fight, pulling on its tail, only to get shocked.

Team Rocket watches. They both think A.J.'s outfit is awful. Meowth says at least he doesn 't look like he is Trick of Treating, like they do. They punch him and he goes flying.

A.J. now has 99 wins. Ash says it isn't fair: he has the badges! Maybe 2 out of 3? Ash accuses A.J. of rigging the battle field: flying always have the advantage against Ground. Misty says Ash never quits, does he? Ash asks for one more chance, but A.J. and Sandshrew go into the tent.

They hear A.J. yelling at Sandshrew, asking whether it considered that a Pokémon battle. He says they are going to start some serious training. Ash and the others go in. They see a Beedrill and Butterfree fighting in the air. Sandshrew jumps into a pool and jumps back out. A.J. yells at it to get back in. Ash yells for him to stop: water hurts Sandshrew! Ash asks what the strange looking things are on all the Pokémon. A.J. says they're strength intensifiers. Brock asks why the water doesn't hurt Sandshrew. A.J. says his Sandshrew is the only one that isnt weakened by water. He tells them to pick up the pace. Sandshrew rolls into a ball and three Rattata start passing it between them. Ash says he said pace, not pass. Pikachu holds up a pillow. Ash says he said pass, not padding.

Ash asks A.J. why he is so tough on Sandshrew. A.J. says Sandshrew was his first Pokémon. They made a promise to be the best ever and sacrificed everything to reach their goals. Ash says you should make friends with your Pokémon. Brock asks A.J. what food he feeds his Pokémon. He opens a cabinet, showing dozens of jars of Pokémon food. It's his own secret recipe. Sandshrew is lifting some big weights. Pikachu tries to lift a small one, but can't!

Team Rocket watched from outside. They have a rubber ball and gloves. Team Rocket starts saying an altered version of their usual lines, but they say it isn't right. Meowth says he could write a Team Meowth song and maybe do a little dance. He starts rolling around on the ball while Jessie and James think about that. Jessie says heres a line for you, choreography killed the cat!

A bell rings and A.J. tells his Pokémon they get a 15 minute break. They all collapse in exhaustion. Ash says they are totally wiped out! A.J. says his gym's motto is no pain no gain and calls Pikachu a stuffed Pikachu. Ash tells him to take it back and they start fighting.

Sandshrew has taken off its strength intensifier and Pikachu sniffs it. It latches on to Pikachu! Pikachu struggles to stand, but it pulls it into a little ball. Sandshrew laughs and curls into a ball, too. Team Rocket come in the rubber ball, and takes Sandshrew instead of Pikachu by mistake!

The bell rings again and A.J. tells his Pokémon to go back to work, but Sandshrew is gone. A.J. takes the strength intensifier off Pikachu, but it hasn't seen Sandshrew. Ash says maybe it ran away. He isn't surprised, the way A.J. treats it. It saw Ash and Pikachu, and wanted a better trainer. A.J. tells his other Pokémon to find Sandshrew.

Team Rocket has run pretty far. They will never catch them! They open the bag and Sandshrew jumps out! Meowth accidently bites onto its tail and is pulled underground with it!

Ash says to A.J. Pokémon that they must be tired with the way he treats them, but they can come with him. They all ignore him. A.J. says all his Pokémon are loyal to him! Suddenly, Sandshrew digs into the room. A.J. hugs it. Misty says they look very happy. Ash can't believe they chose A.J. over him. Brock says A.J. cares deeply about his Pokémon.

Pikachu sees Meowth, who is still unconcious. Ash picks him up by the tail and he wakes up and scratches Ash on the face. Then Jessie and James come and say their lines. They cry, saying they don't need a them song. A.J. asks if they are the ones who kidnapped Sandshrew. They say they aren't interested in his wimpy second-rate Pokémon. He gets upset, saying that no one insults his gym and gets away with it!

They go otuside to battle, A.J.s 100th win! Jessie and James send Ekans and Koffing. Sandshrew dodges their attacks. Ekans Binds it, only to get tied in a knot! Koffing uses Sludge, but Sandshrew spins, deflecting it, and then it hits Koffing. Meowth goes in and starts playing around with Sandshrew, who is rolled into a ball. Jessie tells him to stop playing around. He Bites Sandshrew, only to break his teeth! Meowth: "The moment of tooth!"

A.J. tells Sandshrew to use Fissure. It jumps into the air and falls back to the ground, spinning. It lands with one claw in the ground. A huge crack appears in the ground and Team Rocket falls through it! They run and Meowth says he's going to go write them a theme song.

100 wins! A.J. is going to go become a Pokémon master. Ash asks if he wants to come with them, but A.J. says he has his own path to follow. Ash says that maybe they'll meet again, and A.J. says he wants to beat an expert next time. Ash says he won't lose, and they leave.

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The Path to the Pokémon League Trivia:

 This episode is the first filler episode.

 The "Strength Intensifier" could well be a Macho Brace, appearing to work in a similar way.

 Sandshrew uses Defense Curl in this episode, an attack it could learn until the next generation.

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