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The Water Flowers of Cerulean City

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Indigo League
Japanese Title
Suichūka of Cerulean City
English Title
The Water Flowers of Cerulean City
Dutch Title
De Waterbloemen van Cerulean City
Spanish Title
Las flores acuáticas de Ciudad Celeste
French Title
Les Fleurs d'Azuria
Italian Title
Il segreto di Misty
German Title
Bezaubernde Schwestern
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This episode is essential viewing because:
Ash defeats Misty and earns the Cascade Badge.

This episode begins with Ash, Brock and Pikachu heading for Cerulean City. Misty, strangely, refuses to go. Ash decided to continue on, though. Meanwhile, we see Team Rocket in a vent. They come to a dark room and go inside. They find a large machine and hose, and say its exactly what they need to get exactly what they want. Pokemon!

A while later, Ash, Brock and Pikachu see a large crowd around a store. They go check it out. A guy tells them that there has been a robbery. They see Officer Jenny, and she gets suspicious of them after Ash says they've met that Jennys sister-in-law in Viridian City. Jenny says that if they know her relation, they must have had some trouble with the law. Ash assures her they didn't. He shows his Pokedex I.D. and Brock shows one of his Boulderbadges, proving he was a Gym Leader. She lets them off the hook.

Later, Brock says he has to leave to do stuff. Ash finds the Cerulean City gym and goes inside.

Inside, Ash comes to a huge room filled with people. In the center is a swimming pool. Three girls jump off a diving board. Ash becomes very confused. He thought this was a Pokemon gym! Later, as he is wandering through the aquarium-like Cerulean gym, he runs into the three girls. It turns out that they are the gym leaders, the Sensational Sisters. He challenges them to a battle, but they say they don't feel like it, since they were just beaten three times by trainers from Pallet Town. All they have left is a Goldeen and they can only use its Horn Attack. One of them says they know what he wants, and calls a cute Pokemon called Seel. It hops out of the pool and sticks out it tongue, revealing a Cascadebadge. The girl (I think her name was Daisy) offers it to Ash. He said he'd rather earn it, but she insists. Then Misty appears!

She says shes the fourth Sensational Sister, but her sisters correct her. There are only three Sensational Sisters, and one brat. They said they thought she wasn't going to come back until she became a Pokemon master. "So thats why she didnt want to come here", remarks Ash. Misty says that if her sisters cant fight Ash, she will!

Ash tries to send Pikachu, but he doesnt want to fight a friend. Ash sends Butterfree instead and Misty sends Staryu. At first, Butterfree seems to be winning. Staryu uses Water Gun on it. Then Butterfree uses Stun Spore, but Staryu jumps into the water and washes it off. It Tackles Butterfree, knocking it into the water. Ash brings it back and sends Pidgeotto. Misty sends Starmie. Pidgeotto uses Whirlwind and Starmie dives underwater. It jumps out and tackles Pidgeotto. Pidgeotto uses Wing Attack and Gust. Starmie is thrown across the room and slams against the wall. The jewel on its center blinks, indicating its energy is low. Then, of course, Team Rocket, riding the giant vacuum they stole, crashes through a wall.

They say their motto. They are there to steal the water and the Pokemon. They start sucking up the water and suck up Seel. Pikachu also falls in and Ash has it use Thunderbolt, shocking Team Rocket. Team Rocket falls into the water, gets sucked up, and blasted out the other end.

Pikachu is still being sucked in. Ash thinks quickly and reverses the machine, so all the water is blasted back out. Pikachu is caught by one of the Sensational Sisters. They give Ash the Cascadebadge. Then Brock comes. Ash, Misty, Brock and Pikachu leave, with Misty and Ash arguing, as usual.

This episode guide has been written by flik.

The Water Flowers of Cerulean City Trivia:

 Brock appears to mysteriously disappear during this episode.
 Brock and Ash use a Gym Badge and a Pokédex respectively as a form of ID to Officer Jenny.

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