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Here Comes the Squirtle Squad

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Indigo League
Japanese Title
Enter The Squirtle Corps!
English Title
Here Comes the Squirtle Squad
Dutch Title
Opzij voor de Squirtlebende!
Spanish Title
Aqui llega el Esquadrón Squirtle
French Title
Sans maître ni loi
Italian Title
Una squadra scatenata
German Title
Die Schiggy-Meute
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This episode is essential viewing because:
Ash catches a Squirtle.

This episode begins with Ash, Misty, Brock and Pikachu falling into a hole! Who dug it? A bunch of Squirtle appear around the top, wearing sunglasses. Everyone climbs out and the Squirtles laugh. Pikachu shocks one of them. Pikachu faces the one that appears to be the leader. Suddenly, sirens are heard. The Squirtles pick up the one Pikachu shocked and run away.

Officer Jenny arrives. Ash says he knows her, but she says he must have met her cousin. They are all identical, all police officers, and they are all named Jenny!

Jenny tells them that that was the Squirtle Squad, a gang of Pokemon who were all deserted by their trainers. They like playing tricks on people.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket is watching. Meowth says he is hungry and so does James. Jessie hits them both with a fan. They say it again and she hits them again. Then she realizes she is hungry as well, so she pulls out a picnic basket.

A group of Squirtle appears here as well! They say to give them the food or else. Then Team Rocket falls into a hole.

Jessie, James and Meowth are all tied to a tree while the Squirtle eat the food. Jessie says she has a job they could do: To capture those three kids and their Pikachu. The leader says they can't trust humans.

Meowth tells them the humans are his pets. He kicks James in the head, "Bad human! Never raise your voice to me again!"

They untie Meowth. He starts eating with the Squirtle. Jessie and James get upset, and he tells them to keep up the act.

Meanwhile, Misty, Ash, Pikachu and Brock are on a bank, fishing. Misty gets a bite. It's a Squirtle! It uses Water Gun on them. Pikachu tries to shock it, but water conducts electricity, so it shocks the others instead! The Squirtle laughs. It knocks Pikachu into the water with its Tackle. Below him, a Seaking is swimming up! Misty shouts for him to watch out for its Horn Attack and to swim to shore. He tries, but doesn't make it! The Goldeen hit him, sending him flying onto the bank. Ash runs to help him, but the Squirtle get them all in a lasso and tie them up.

They are now tied up in a cave with a badly injured Pikachu in a cage. Meowth teases Ash and Ash bites his tail. Meowth Scratches Ash's face.

Brock says that Pikachu is in bad shape and needs to be healed soon! There is a shop in town that Ash could go to. The Squirtle say they can't trust Ash to go and come back. Ash promises he will and starts to cry. The Squirtles untie him. Meowth says that if he doesn't get back before tomorrow night, they will dye Misty's hair green! But, adds Meowth silently, we will all be long gone by then!

Ash crosses a bridge, which breaks under his weight, and he falls into the water, only to be sent flying out by a Goldeen!

Ash reaches the store, only to be knocked out as the door is opened by than Gary.

The next morning, Team Rocket is robbing the store with Ice Bazookas. They say they need some flash powder and some dental floss - (Flash powder is to scare off the Squirtles, the dental floss is for their teeth. They leave and Ash walks in, only to have a dozen guns aimed at him. He says he isn't with Team Rocket and Jenny comes and agrees. Ash gets the Super Potion and gets on Jenny's motorcycle. When she finds the bridge broken, she goes to a cave that she knows should lead to the other side. Only Ash could fit through. He goes in.

It gets dark, so Ash brings out Charmander to light the way. When Ash reaches the cave, everyone is gone! He runs outside to find them, perfectly fine, and Misty still a red head. She says the Squirtle were bluffing. They'd never change a girls natural hair color! They give Pikachu the Super Potion.

Team Rocket comes in their balloon and they say their lines. They start throwing bombs down at everyone, also starting some fires.

Meowth catches Pikachu. He grabs onto a ladder attacked to the balloon. Everyone has gotten to the cave safely, except the leader Squirtle, who is stuck lying on its back! Ash runs over to save it and throw himself over it just as some bombs explode. As more bombs fall, the Squirtle picks up Ash and starts running for the cave, dodging blasts from the bombs. One of the Squirtle uses its Water Gun on the balloon, popping it. Ash catches Pikachu.

Fire! The forest and town will be reduced to nothing if it isn't put out. Ash tells the Squirtle to use their Water Gun to put out the blaze. It works!

Jenny awards the Squirtles with a certificate, and makes them the official town firefighters.

Later, as Ash, Misty, Brock, and Pikachu are leaaving, they find a Squirtle is following them. It is the leader, and it takes off the sunglasses. It joins the group!

This episode guide has been written by flik.

Here Comes the Squirtle Squad Trivia:

 Ash deliberately hurts a Pokémon in this episode - biting Meowth.
 Ash sings the Pokémon theme tune at the start of the episode.
 It is revealed in this episode that all Officer Jenny's are related.
 There is a sign in the town Ash visits advertising beer.

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