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Electric Shock Showdown

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Indigo League
Japanese Title
Electric Shock Showdown! Vermilion Gym
English Title
Electric Shock Showdown
Dutch Title
Een schokkende uitdaging
Spanish Title
Competición de descarga eléctrica
French Title
Confrontation électrique
Italian Title
Un incontro da Elettroshock
German Title
Vorsicht Hochspannung
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This episode is essential viewing because:
Ash challenges Lt. Surge and is beaten.

Ash's Pikachu refuses to evolve into Raichu.

Ash defeats Lt. Surge and earns the Thunder Badge.

This episode begins with Ash, Misty, Brock and Pikachu finally finding Vermillion City after being lost for two weeks! Ash wants to go to the Gym, but Pikachu is exausted. He needs food. They take him to the Poke Center. Ash ask Nurse Joy to heal his Pokemon.

Suddenly, a boy rushes in, following some Chanseys who have a very hurt Rattata on a stretcher. Joy explains that it lost to Lt. Surge at the gym. Ash says it will prove how tough his Pokemon are.

Pikachu recovers. An injured Pidgey is rushed in from the Gym, and Pikachu freaks out. Doesn't Ash care if it ends up like that Pidgey? Ash says he cares, but he doesn't have to worry, because Pikachu will win!

The Vermilion Gym. Ash knows he will win! Ash, Brock, Misty and Pikachu go inside. Ash demands a Poke Battle!

Lt. Surge is giant! He towers over everyone else. He thinks Misty is his challenger, but Ash explains that he is. Lt. Surge calls Ash baby because thats what he calls everyone who loses to him. He sees Pikachu and says that baby brought a baby Pokemon. Lt. Surge sends his Raichu, the evolved form of Pikachu. He said he evolved it as soon as he got it. For some reason, Pikachu really wants to fight!

Battle! Pikachu uses Thundershock, but it has no effect! Raichu uses Thundershock on Pikachu and it's knocked out cold. Ash has lost!

Ash tries to call Pikachu back, but it still wants to fight! Raichu uses a Thunderpunch and a Mega Kick.

TR is watching through a window. Pikachu is losing? Maybe it isn't worth stealing and they've been trying this whole time for nothing?!

Raichu shock Pikachu, and the screen goes white.

Pikachu is lying on a hospital bed. It wakes up. It is upset. Misty says that Pikachu's spirit was hurt from loosing that battle. Ash says he'll just have to try harder! But Pikachu was already trying its best.

Joy comes in the room. She says she knows how they might win: a Thunderstone! Ash could evolve Pikachu and make it stronger. Should he? He asks Pikachu if it wants to. He doesn't want to force it to. Pikachu looks at the stone for a moment, then bats it away with its tail. Team Rocket is watching outside.

Pikachu stands up and starts talking. Meowth starts crying. He translates that Pikachu won't evolve. It will beat Raichu in the name of all Pikachus! James starts crying, too, saying thats soo beautiful!

Meowth says that Pikachu will win. It will prove it can to protect its honor! Then Pkachu passes out: tt still needs to rest.

Misty is worried about Pikachu, but Brock has an idea.

After Pikachu recovers they go outside. Ash says that their lucky star is shining, but Pikachu gets confused. Misty ask him where it is and how can he see it if it's daytime? Ash yells that it isn't really there. They head for the Gym.

Along the way they run into some people in black coats and hats who are obviously Team Rocket. They start to say their lines, but Meowth hits them over the head. He says they have a special cheer for Pikachu. It is EXTREMELY weird. Then they leave.

Battle at the gym! Team Rocket is watching. Ash tells Pikachu to use the strategy they planned. Lt. Surge isnt impressed. Pika is hit! Raichu uses its Tail Whip on it. Then it uses Body Slam, but right before it can do it again, Pikachu dodges. Raichu is too slow! Lt. Surge evolved it before it could learn its speed attacks that it could only learn in its Pikachu stage, Brock explains

Ash had Pikachu use all the Agility it has. Pikachu literally runs circles around Raichu, making it dizzy. Lt. Surge tells Raichu to fill the stadium with electricty. Some of the windows break!

When it stops, we see that Pikachu has used its tail as a ground, protecting itself from the shock!

Outside, Jessie and James make some bad jokes and Meowth hits them for it.

Raichu is too weak for another attack! Pikachu uses Quick Attack and Thunderbolt. Raichu faints and Ash has won! He gets a Thunderbadge from Lt. Surge. Ash hugs Pikachu and gets shocked! Oddly, it isn't hurting him. Ash says that he can see lots of lucky stars!

Team Rocket is walking away. Pikachu is still worth stealing! Then James realizs that they spent the whole episode cheering the good guys!

This episode guide has been written by flik.

Electric Shock Showdown Trivia:

 Team Rocket assist Ash in this episode, rather than attempting to steal to Pikachu.
 In the Japanese episode, Lt. Surge uses English curse words.

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