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The Ghost of Maiden's Peak

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Indigo League
Japanese Title
Ghostly Pokémon and the Summer Festival
English Title
The Ghost of Maiden's Peak
Dutch Title
Het spook van de Maiden Klif
Spanish Title
El fantasma de Dante Speak
French Title
Le fantôme de la jeune fille
Italian Title
Il fantasma della scogliera
German Title
Die verlorene Seele
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This episode begins with a stone statue of a woman on a cliff by the ocean. An image of the woman appears on it. She says, "Come back to me my love!" Then it becomes a Gastly, says "I'm waiting for you!" and flies at the screen.

Ash, Brock, Misty and Pikachu are on the ferry and have spotted Maidens Peak. Brock is upset, he wasted a whole summer. Ash said he should be happy, they had lots of adventures. Brock says summer may mean adventures to Ash, but to him summer means swimsuits! And lots of girls to wear them! He cries.

Team Rocket is still in the tub behind the ferry.

There's a festival going on! Brock sees a beautiful woman, who looks like the one at the beginning, standing on a nearby pier. He goes into that trance he always does when he see a pretty girl, but he is trampled by all the people getting off the ship. Pikachu watches the woman. She turns into a Gastly and disappears!

Team Rocket is now going to try to find any money someone drops. Meowth says he wants food and James tells him money is sweeter. Then he sees the woman, and he comments she's sweet.

At the festival, people are dancing. Brock is upset because he wanted to meet that girl. Someone taps him and he thinks it the girl, only to face an old woman! She says something about the beautiful woman he saw. Misty says something about her being the beautiful woman, but the old woman says something about Misty being a scrawny little brat, Ash agrees, and she hits him. Misty drags Ash and Brock off.

Team Rocket is searching for dropped change with little luck. They find a penny. James sees the weird old woman and she tells him that the beautiful woman he saw will lead him to a horrible fate. Then Offiver Jenny sees them. She says she knows exactly what they're doing and they freak out. She says that whenever money is found, it must be reported. They have to go to the station to file a report, but Team Rocket runs away.

Ash, Brock, Misty and Pikachu, along with Team Rocket, are at the Shrine of the Maidens Treasure. The old man says the picture had been in the shrine by the statue for 2000 years. It has been moved because of the festival. The man removes the sheet, revealing a picture of the beautiful woman that Brock and James both saw. They both go into those weird trances say how beautiful she is, and go on about her. The man tells them that that woman died more than 2000 years ago. She was in love with a young man, who then had to go off to fight in a war. The woman said she would wait forever. She did and her love never returned. She waited so long, she turned to stone, and is still waiting for her love to return. They ask where the statue is. It's called Maidens Peak and they saw it at the beginning.

Brock and James are both crazy about the woman. Meowth has a plan to steal the painting, because it will be worth lots of money.

Brock is sitting, watching the Maidens Rock. Ash and Misty want to leave, but Brock wants to stay.

Ash and Misty are at the Pokemon Center. The curfew is at 11PM, and it is that time. Ash wants to go look for Brock, but Joy says it's way past his bedtime.

Team Rocket is asleep in sleeping bags hung from trees. There is a gust of wind and Meowth wakes up to see the Maidens ghost! It uses some sort of power to make him fall asleep. Then James wakes up and the ghost says it has been waiting so long. Brock sees the ghost, too, and she says to come with her.

The next morning, Ash, Misty and Pikachu are looking for Brock and Jessie and Meowth are looking for James, both around the shrine. They run into each other. Jessie says she isn't looking for them. She tries saying the motto on her own. Then she hears James, but where is he? He and Brock fall out of the shrine. They're acting rather crazy, though. Ash says they're possessed and has Pikachu shock them. Brock: "I am Brock." "And I am James!" Jessie likes that he is back, but he is not back to normal! The weird old woman comes and says they're both under the spell of the Maidens ghost. All men who see her go crazy. James is scared. The woman says there is a way to help: Anti-Ghost stickers! But they will cost a bit...

Ash and Misty put the stickers all over the shrine. It is now night. They are all waiting. A gust of wind! The stickers are all blown away. It's the ghost! She says she wants to meet them and she's been waiting so long. Brock is sucked out through the door. Unfortunately, Team Rocket used freebie stickers (buy one set, get one free) so James get sucked, crying, out the door. He doesn't want to go. Brock does, of course. Ash and Misty try to grab him before he is sucked out over the sea by the Maiden statue, where the ghost is. Jessie fires at it with her bazooka, and James say she really does care! Jessie says that she justs hates girls like that, always waiting for her man like some loyal pet.

The ghost says they cannot interfere. It sends out a huge cloud of creepy looking ghost skeletons. Ash gets out his Pokedex, but they aren't Pokemon. Its still searching. It's the Maidens Ghost: it's a Gastly. The weird old woman also appears, she turns into Gastly. Pikachu tries to attack. Gastly says it can use its hypnotic powers even on other Pokemon and the best way to deal with a mouse is a mousetrap. A giant mousetrap starts chasing Pikachu! Meowth tries next, but Gastly gives him a round ball and Meowth goes into a trance playing with it. Jessie sends Ekans, but Gastly creates a mongoose and Ekans freaks out! James tries Koffing, but the mongoose steps on it while wearing a gas mask and says smoking is prohibited.

Ash sends Charmander, but Gastly uses a fire extinguisher, and Charmander runs away. When Ash sends Bulbasaur and Squirtle, Gastly creates a Venusaur and a Blastoise. He then combines them into 'Venustoise'. Bulbasaur and Squirtle freak out. Misty holds up a cross. She also has some garlic, a stake, and a hammer. Gastly: "Oh, what do I look like, a vampire?"

Bells ring. Sunrise! Gastly says he hates sunlight. The ghost and the weird old woman will return next festival! He disappears.

At the ends of each summer, everyone sends out tiny boats with candles in them, Jenny explains. It's so any lost spirits can find their way home.

Out on one of the boats is Gastly. He says he loves keeping the old legends alive. The ghost of the maiden thanks him. Gastly says that since he is a ghost Pokemon, maybe one day he will meet her lost love and tell him she still waits.

Brock is at the festival with the others. He wishes the woman was 2000 years younger. Team Rocket is beating some drums while Meowth is playing a flute. Ash is in some sort of kimono. Misty walks over to him, also in one. Her hair is down, and she looks pretty. Ash stares for a moment. Misty asks him to dance, and they do.

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The Ghost of Maiden's Peak Trivia:

 Gastly transforms into a real mongoose, rather than a (not yet introduced) Zangoose.

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