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Indigo League
Japanese Title
Tentacool Tentacruel
English Title
Tentacool & Tentacruel
Dutch Title
Tentacool en Tentacruel
Spanish Title
Tentacool y Tentacruel
French Title
Tentacool et Tentacruel
Italian Title
Le creature marine
German Title
Tentacha und Tentoxa
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This episode is essential viewing because:
Misty catches a Horsea.

This episdoe begins with Ash, Misty, Brock and Pikachu still stranded at Port a Vista. They missed the ferry, and it won't be back for three hours.

They see a Horsea out in the water. It looks injured. It spits out some ink, drawing a picture of something very familiar in the water. Misty says she will catch it in a Pokeball so she can treat its injuries.

A ship explodes! All the people start jumping overboard. Misty sends Staryu, Starmie and Goldeen to help them. Then she, Ash and Brock get a boat. They drag a man into the boat and ask him what happened. He just keeps saying he needs to tell the boss.

Underwater, a bunch of shadowy creatures watch.

Nastina! She is obviously the boss. She's a really mean, scary, greedy and ugly old woman and she's constantly being followed by these guys in very small swim suits. She thanks Ash, Misty, Brock and Pikachu for saving the people. They ask her whether she can help them get off the island, but she says they ca'nt until they see her resort that's being built. It's out on the ocean and is not even close to done. She said she would finish it if the Tentacool would stop interfering. All the tourists have been staying away because of them. She insults the Tentacool a bit, which makes Misty angry. She says Nastina is despicable.

Nastina says she will pay any trainer who is willing to exterminate the Tentacool. She will give them food, money and free passes to the hotel, but only if they exterminate all the Tentacool.

After they leave, Misty is angry. She thinks that Tentacool are cute. There must be some reason why they're attacking! She says they are soft and squishy to hold and she calls the red spot on there heads the Ruby of the Ocean. She thinks all water Pokemon are cute: that Horsea was a talented artist. Ash and Brock disagree with water Pokemon being cute.

Pikachu is in a little inner tube in a little kiddy pool with Horsea. They had given it a Super Potion. Misty hugs the Horsea, but it is upset. It had drawn the Tentacool and Tentacruel to try and warn them. Misty gets upset for not realizing it sooner.

Nastina announces on a speaker that she will give a million dollars to whoever exterminates the Tentacool. Hundreds of people are willing to do it. They almost trample Ash, Brock, Misty and Pikachu. Nastina comes along in a tank. Suddenly, a rose with a sucker on the end hits the side of it.

It's Team Rocket in a boat. They say their lines. The next thing they say is how awful Nastina's hair is. She shoots them with a tank. They say they're sorry, her hair style is very instinctive. Or, in-stink-tive, as Meowth corrects. Team Rocket says they'll exterminate them all and zoom off. Misty says they're disrespecting the ocean.

Their plan is to poor Stun Sauce on the Tentacool, catch them and then sell them to get even more money! Suddenly, hundreds of Tentacool appear. They don't have enough sauce! The boat is tipped and the sauce hits one of the Tentacool. It evolves into a GIANT Tentacruel. It grabs Team Rocket and starts destroying the hotel. Brock says that even the largest Tentacruel are only 7 feet tall.

Nastina and those weird guys fire at Tentacruel. The shots just bounce off. Misty says she has to protect Tentacruel. It's heading for the mainland and causing a tidal wave. Jessie and James grab onto a pole, only to find its on the top of a skyscraper. Tentacruel throws something at the amusement park, destroying it.

Everyone is in a building some distance away. Misty wonders why the Tentacool are doing this. This will only make people be against them!

The Tentacruel holds Meowth. A Tentacool uses him as a puppet and speaks through him. They are angry because the humans have destroyed their ocean home. Horsea comes up behind it and tries reasoning with it. They said that they will teach the humans the pain of having their homes destroyed. Horsea tries again and Tentacruel gets angry and hits it. Horsea goes flying. Ash has Pidgeotto catch it and bring it back. Pikachu says it wants to try to reason with the Tentacool. Ash sends Butterfree, Squirtle, Bulbasaur, and Brock sends Zubat.

Pikachu shocks some of the Tentacool. They try to send them back into the sea. Misty sends Staryu, Starmie, and Goldeen. The Tentacool asks why the Pokemon are siding with the humans? Pikachu starts trying to reason with Tentacool.

Misty is standing on a nearby building. She pleads for the Tentacool to stop. She says they haveve done enough, the humans understand! They will stop destroying the ocean. The Tentacruel says if it happens again, they will continue to destroy the human's homes. They all start swimming away. Unfortunately, Nastina has other plans. She tries firing at Tentacruel, with little effect. The Tentacruel flings her away with a tentacle, then it leaves.

Elsewhere, we see a woman who looks like Nastina, building a house. Nastina falls on the house, destroying it. It was her cousin.

Misty, Ash, Brock and Pikachu are on the ferry to the mainland. Misty still thinks water Pokemon are cute, but Horsea is the cutest! She throws it into the air, then catches it, and does the peace sign, in Ash's usual pose. Ash gets angry. Misty says she's always wanted to try it and Brock says he does, too. Ash tells them to think up their own poses.

Behind, Team Rocket is being pulled along in a little tub.

This episode guide has been written by flik.

Tentacool & Tentacruel Trivia:

 This is the first time we see Meowth translating for another Pokémon.
 This episode was temporarily banned following the 9/11 attacks in America due to a scene where Tentacruel destroys a skyscraper. The scene remains in the opening titles however.

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on Sun 06 Sep 2009 00:35:17 UTC.
I saw this episode when i was younger, Sadly, it was the LAST time i saw it. thiss got banned.

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