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Beauty and the Beach

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Indigo League
Japanese Title
Holiday at Porta Vista
English Title
Beauty and the Beach
Dutch Title
Een strand vakantie
French Title
La beauté et la plage
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The episode starts as Ash and Co. arrive in Porta Vista. Ash and Brock take off their clothes (except their shorts, obviously) and jump into the ocean with Pikachu. Misty changes into her swimwear, and Ash comments that she actually looks like a girl, to which Misty gets ticked and throws a Master Ball-shaped beach ball into Ash's face (hee-hee).

Meanwhile, Jesse, James, and Meowth look at Ash and Co. in the first appearance in their Gyarados Sub (though they don't make that much of a deal about it). They recite their epic little poem and watch the hundreds of rich people they know they can steal from. Looking through the submarine's periscope, and see Ash and Co. on a motorboat

On the boat, Ash comments about how great it is to be on the boat, but suddenly they ask themselves who rented it. It turns out Misty was following Ash, who was following Brock who in turn followed Pikachu. They realize they got on the wrong boat, and start to panic. Doing so, they don't realize they are about to crash with Ash and Co.! They lose control of the ship and crash into a dock. Team Rocket, however, gets an even worse fate as their submarine sinks.

*Commercial Beak*

Where's Team Rocket? They have their share in this episode as well. Nastina, who you may remember from Tentacool and Tentacruel, works for a large restaurant called "Café Crone" that is demolishing another restaurant. Nastina gets Team Rocket to work for them in return for a repair of their sub. They especially work in the position of ruining the "competitor" restaurant.

Ash and Co. landed on the port. They meet the owner of the boat, but it turns out he's only renting it. He explains that he'll never pay off the loan for the boat, and what's worse is that his restaurant has no customers, which is his only source of money. Moe has a dream of paying off the loan and then traveling the world. But since his restaurant's a flunk and the boat crash really hasn't helped him achieve his goal. He says he might as well give up, but then Ash gives him the confidence he needs to make his dream come true, and that he, Misty, Brock, and their Pokémon will help him out. Well, maybe the gang wasn't so quick to say that they'd be busboys and advertisers, but they got to it. ^_^'

Everyone helps the restaurant with advertising and labor. Squirtle and Pikachu hand out coupons and discount offers. Charmander uses it's Flamethrower to power up the stove while Pidgeotto fans it. Bulbasaur, also helping out, uses its Vine Whip to give out drinks. It's not easy, as Team Rocket ruins the Pokémon's chances of getting business by tripping Bulbasaur, blowing away Pikachu's and Squirtle's coupons, and turning up the gas of the stove a tiny bit (okay, maybe a whole lot).

Moe says if he doesn't make enough money by tomorrow, then he'll have to give up the boat. At first, they seem as if they're not to encourage. But then who should arrive but Samuel Oak and Delia Ketchum! (To those who are thicker than maple syrup, they're Prof. Oak and Ash's Mom.) They say making the money will be a synch if they can win the local "Pokémon Suntanned Beauties and Pokémon Fashion Contest". The gang seems really interested, and even if they don't win the prize, the contest will bring lots of tourism. They give the idea some thought (well, not much) and decide to enter the contest.

They advertise the contest even more. For instance, Pidgeotto flies and drop flyers for the contest from the sky. Finally, the contest begins at Porta Vista Beach. Brock becomes the host of the contest. Misty enters the contest with her Starmie, and Ash gives her his Squirtle. Starmie dresses up as a UFO, and Squirtle is the alien. Brock comments that Misty is doing great and that the Pokémon duo makes a great team and creates space noises. (This, by the way, actually accounts for something. Brock is the host and announcer; remember?) Squirtle uses a light Water Gun over Misty to give the scene a sparkly look.

It's a shame she was suddenly pushed off-stage by Team Rocket, who attempt to ruin Misty's chance at winning the contest so that the restaurant is ruined, and even worse, Moe doesn't get his boat. The "Rocket Sisters", as two of the Rockets name themselves, show off their stuff, and by wrapping Ekans around Koffing, create their Pokémon Fashion Theme--which is legendary Leviathan. "Wait a sec, since Jesse is the only woman on the Team Rocket trio, who is her partner?" you ask? One guess--no, not Nastina (though it would be a more moral yet disgusting alternative), but James with a pair of inflatable chests. Brock comments that the audience likes the two, but Ash isn't fooled. And Misty figured out in a deleted scene.

Finally, Gary makes a surprise appearance and kicks the two Rockets off stage and introduces his truckload of girlfriends and they enter the contest. He calls out for Ash, and teases him to start a Pokémon battle. Then, Nastina grabs the Rocket Trio and tells them that they paid off the debt to get Nastina to fix the Gyarados Sub, and that the Gyarados Sub is fixed. She ordered them to wreck the competition and ruin all chances of Misty or Gary's girlfriends winning. Also, she mentions that there's money in it for them if they get the job done.

Meanwhile, Gary and Oak start arguing about the fact that a battle with Ash would be pointless. The Gyarados Sub interrupts the two. Team Rocket's submarine was piloted onto the shore. The audience, Nastina, Gary and his girlfriends, the Prof., Mrs. Ketchum, Ash, Misty, and Brock watch in awe and panic. Ash calms everyone down and say it's only Team Rocket. He sends out Charmander and Pidgeotto to destroy the sub, but they can't. Suddenly, the sub sends out two missiles to destroy the entire beach. Charmander and Pidgeotto combine forces to send the missiles right back at the Gyarados Sub and sends Team Rocket blasting off again. Not to mention it destroys Café Cone, leaving Nastina with her idea to build her Hotel.

Ash and Co. are surprised that they lost, but Ash's Mom did! She gets the trophy and prize money, but gives the money to Moe anyway. He rides off happy having paid the loan and being the official owner of the boat, and Ash and Co. leave Gary and his girlfriends, Prof. Oak, and Mrs. Ketchum to explore more of Porta Vista.

This episode guide has been written by EarthBoundIX.

Beauty and the Beach Trivia:

 This episode was the first to be banned from broadcasting, due to the number of sexual innuendos made.
 This episode is the first time we see Team Rocket's Gyarados submarine.
 Misty's beach ball is based on a Master Ball.

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