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People you'll see in the metagame- as well as Pokémon boards- will use abbreviations to describe certain attacks as well as terms to describe different styles. Here are the common ones you'll see, and they'll be the only ones you'll have to worry about.

@ - Denotes the held item of said Pokémon
+/- - Generally used to determine nature effects, +SAtk -Atk, etc.
Advanced - A term that refers to the "Advanced" generation of Pokémon when Pokémon came to Gameboy Advance. It started with Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, eventually added features from Fire Red, Leaf Green, and finally Emerald. Pokémon Colosseum and Pokémon XD are also apart of this generation.
AT - Aromatherapy
Atk/Att - Attack
Boah - Tyranitar with Crunch/Thunderbolt/Substitute/Focus Punch, Quiet nature, 252 HP/188 SAtk/68 Spd; used to counter Cune, Bliss, Skarm, etc. That was its main use back in the Advanced metagame- Tyraniboah was tweaked in DP as Crunch went physical. It now has Dark Pulse to use
BB - Brick Break
BD - Belly Drum
BL - Borderline. Pokémon too good for UU but not good enough for OU; normally two of these are allowed in UU.
Bliss - Blissey
Boltbeam - Using Ice and Electric types in tandem; covers everything save Lanturn, Shedinja, and Magneton/Magnezone
BP - Baton Pass
CB - Choice Band
CC - Close Combat, Cross Chop (take context into consideration)
CH - Critical Hit
Chain Chomp - a Mixed sweeper Garchomp set
Chomp - Garchomp
Clops - Dusclops
CM - Calm Mind
CMCune - Calm Minding Suicune
CMer - Calm Mind user
Cross/Hera - Heracross
CScarf - Choice Scarf
CSpecs - Choice Specs
CSMence - Choice Specs Salamence. Also known as SpecsMence
Cune - Suicune
DC - Dragon Claw, Disconnect (the latter usually d/c)
DD - Dragon Dance
DE - Double-Edge
Def - Defense
DP - Drill Peck, also refers to Diamond/Pearl, the new generation.
Duggy - Dugtrio
DVs - Diversication Values (same thing as IVs)
EQ - Earthquake
End/Subflailing - Endure/Substitute and Flail (see Archetypes page)
End/Subrev - Endure/Substitute and Reversal (see Archetypes page)
ES - Extremespeed
EVs - Effort Values
FB - Fire Blast
Forry - Forretress
FP - Fire Punch OR Focus Punch, depending on the situation; use your common sense on this one
FT - Flamethrower
Freeze Clause - Only one Pokémon can be frozen at a time
Gardy - Gardevoir
Gross - Metagross
Gyaravire - The act of using Gyarados and Electivire together, to serve the point that Electric attacks give Electivire a Speed boost due to his ability (which Gyarados is weak to), where Gyarados is immune to Earthquake because of his flying type. Don't interpret this as a two on two strategy; it isn't, it's a single battle strategy and requires switching out on a predicted move
Hax - Initially meant to mean "Hacks," but it's a term used for luck with an OHKO move or Paralysis, etc. Hacking the metagame is where the term originates from. If you have no honour, blame a loss on hax!
Gar - Gengar
HB - Heal Bell
HP - Hidden Power, Hit Points (Take context into considering; obviously you're not going to take out 50% of a person's Hidden Power, and Hit Points Dark makes no sense)
IB - Ice Beam
Item Clause - Only being allowed to use one of each kind of item on a Pokémon. For example, if one Pokémon has Leftovers, none of your other team can have Leftovers.
IVs - Individual Values
Jask - Ninjask
KO - Knock out, when you faint a Pokémon basically
Lati@s - Latios OR Latias
Lax - Snorlax
Lefties - Leftovers
Ludi - Ludicolo
Lv - Level
Maggie - Magneton, Magnezone (Refers to Magneton in Advanced and Magnezone in DP)
Mence - Salamence
Metro - Metronome battle; all Pokémon have Metronome and no other moves
MM - Meteor Mash
MU - Moderately Used. This is what happened when BL split into its own tier. There were too many Pokémon in BL and it created an imbalance of Pokémon. MU was the result of splitting the better Pokémon off from BL, and so, Pokémon from OU and Ubers are not allowed in this metagame whereas Pokémon from lower tiers are (introduced in DP)
Noir - Dusknoir
NU - Neverused. There are Pokémon that are simply not good enough to even be used in UU. This metagame gives those poor weak Pokémon a chance to be used. Pokémon from the other tiers are not allowed, but many unevolved Pokémon are allowed.
OHKO - One Hit KO, when you faint a Pokémon in one hit. If the number of hits the Pokémon takes it more than one, you replace the first 'O' with '2', '3', etc. So 2HKO.
OHKO move - Used to refer to Sheer Cold, Horn Drill, Fissure, and Guillotine (moves that kill people in one shot) as a whole.
OU - Overused. Represents the Pokémon most often used in standard play. Ubers are not allowed, but you can use Pokémon from a lower tier if you like.
QA - Quick Attack
RS - Rock Slide
Sash - Focus Sash
SAtk - Special Attack
SB - Shadow Ball OR Sludge Bomb
Scarf - Choice Scarf
SDef - Special Defense
SD - Sunny Day, Swords Dance, OR Soul Dew
SE - Super-Effective OR Stone Edge
Self-KO Clause - In order to prevent draws, the Self-KO clause does not allow you to use a Self-KO move to be used when there's only one Pokémon left on both sides
Skarm - Skarmory
Skarmbliss - The act of using Skarmory and Blissey in tandem; Skarm is a Physical Attack soaker where Blissey is a Special Attack soaker; this mainly dominated the Advanced generation, but it may see use in DP
Sleep Clause - Only one Pokémon can be asleep at a time, excluding the effect of Rest
Spd - Speed
Specs - Choice Specs
Species Clause - You can't use anymore than one of each species of Pokémon on your team; you can't use two Weezing, two Mews, etc
Sporepunching - The act of using Spore and Focus Punch in tandem (see Archetypes page)
STAB - Same type attack bonus, when you gain a boost of 1.5x due to being the same type as your attack
Standard - See OU.
SToss - Seismic Toss
Sub - Substitute
Subpunching - The act of using Substitute and Focus Punch in tandem (see Archetypes page)
Sunnybeaming - The act of using Sunny Day and Solarbmean in tandem (see Archetypes page)
Swampy - Swampert
Tar - Tyranitar
TBolt - Thunderbolt
Thunderdancing - The act of using Rain Dance and Thunder in tandem (see Archetypes page)
Trickbanding - The act of using Trick and Choice Band in tandem (see Archetypes page)
Trickspecsing - The act of using Trick and Choice Specs in tandem (see Archetypes page)
TTar - Tyranitar
TWave - Thunder Wave
Uber - These Pokémon are by far too good to play against normal Pokémon and their power is limited to this tier.
UU - Underused. Pokémon in this list tend not to get used in standard play due to worse stats or a poorer movepool. People are attracted to this metagame because they are fed up of the few standard Pokémon dominating the OU metagame. Pokémon in a higher tier (OU and Uber) are not allowed.
Wishpassing - The act of using Wish and switching (see Archetypes page)
Wob - Wobbuffet
WoW - Will-o-Wisp
Zam - Alakazam
Zone - Magnezone
Zong - Bronzong

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Roserade knight op za 30 mei 2009 13:59:10 UTC.
i thought lots of ppl use roserades but i looked on smogon and it said it was UU
Kevsta3000 op za 02 jan 2010 01:26:17 UTC.
Well most pokemon like lucario and metagross which most people use tend to be OU. I don't see many legendaries ou apart from groudon+rayquasa and all the rest. I like a decent challenge now and then but I have tons of spare decent lvl (70-99) to give away contact me if u want any. :-)
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