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PKMN.NET Meet-Up London 26/08/07: Lottie's Report |
After much anticipation, the official PKMN.NET meet up finally took place Sunday afternoon. I myself had dragged a friend along for the ride, and we arrived in London around two hours early. Which was fine by me. Our chaperone for the day was Conor, whose job was to make sure we didn't get lost on the underground and lose our way. We had to stop one stop short on the rail because the line we needed happened to be closed, and spent an hour in Green Park wondering where everyone was.

Mushroom even made a t-shirt.

Eventually, our IRC regular Veyka phoned to say he was just arriving at said park with Barney and Dan, so we lingered for a while to meet up with them. We then proceeded to the Actual Hyde Park, where we met up with a few more people. I even managed to scare the life out of Ikke av Flesk, who had no idea I knew his name. However, our numbers still far too few, we decided to take desperate measures.

We phoned Psythor.

Who seemed surprised to find that it was a female who had phoned him.

Joeno promoting Mushroom and CS10.

In the end, the two parties joined forces and headed towards the small stall selling ice cream. Where I started my short lived career as the drinks lady. We then took shelter from the fantastic weather under a tree. We were also joined by Kit and her brothers, and Claire and her boyfriend Dave. The admins therefore felt it was time for the obligatory speech giving session, where everyone (except Mike) expressed their thanks for being there. We were then witness to a rarity amongst PKMN.NET members: an official offer of promotion to our deserving Moderators, Mushroom and CS10. CS10, who wasn't there, still doesn't know as I write this. And I'm not telling him. Nyeh.

Katy & Rex, star-crossed lovers. Maybe.

It was at this point Rex decided to put on the old charm, and as we had previously plotted in a previous conversation on IRC, he started to flirt with my good friend Katie. Needless to say, by the end of the day she was terrified.

Throughout the afternoon we encountered what could only be described as many forum-like events. We even managed to split the group up at one point: Team Building and Random Randomness. It was quite amusing really. We had a few people talking about the flaws of continuity, a few traders and battlers, and those who just.. talked. Football was involved too. Mainly between Dan and Mike, if not just the two. I wasn't paying attention. I was too busy listening to the copious amounts of "so I herd u liek mudkipz" going on.

Nearly everyone.

Psythor and Iceduck also went round conducting an obligatory interview. Whilst I was busy stealing Pringles. It's a life, I'll tell you.

As the afternoon wore on, the admins decided they were thirsty. As Mushroom and I were heading off ourselves to get drinks, we kindly offered to take down orders. And ended up in possession of the Administrator's money. This was also when Kit & Co had to leave. But the late arrival of Psychoshark made things more fun, especially with his camera dodging skills. The lack of ice cream also made a perfect excuse for Mushroom and I to skip away to buy some. Apparently there was some talk about what exactly we were actually up to when we disappeared, but never mind.

The author of this article.

Then came the stick fight. Conor vs Ikke av Flesk vs Rex. With giant sticks. One of which had previously been the makeshift flag post for our PKMN.NET sign. Courtesy of our very own Mushroom. I joined in after a promised arm wrestle with Rex. I lost.

Later in the afternoon, the group made a decision to leave Hyde Park, and seek greater places. Namely Leicester Square. So I left a message on Rex's phone telling him we were heading off. Because he and Claire had disappeared to the Manga shop.

The gang in Leicester Square.

We were quite tempted (well, I was) to log into an internet café and post somewhere about how everyone was there at once. On one computer. Nevertheless, on we went. With the assumption that everyone was going to eat. 6 people did. So we proceeded to sit down on the grass somewhere. Or stand. Or sit on someone's leg. I can proudly say I killed three PKMN.NET member's legs whilst we were there.

Unfortunately, Katie and I had to leave shortly after, so upon informing the admins and stealing some of Psychoshark's ice cream, we proceeded to have our photo taken as a huge group surrounding a statue of the one and only Charlie Chaplin, our newest honorary member of the PKMN.NET community. Mushroom had to leave at the same time, so he and Ikke av Flesk accompanied us on the underground, after the round of goodbyes and hugs. Everyone joined in, which was nice. Although Psythor must have thought I was some kind of flesh eating monster at first. I think it was the shock of the revelation that underneath the "girls don't exist of the internet" rule, there are real girls out there. And so, we left the remaining members to go visiting places, or to sit down and have a drink.

We finally left London tired, but happy. I spoke to CS10 and Veyka via text on the way back to lighten up the mood, but it was sad to leave everyone behind. I told Veyka to drink to the prospect of another meeting, and I hope it will be as fantastic as this day was.

Page written by Psythor.

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That Girl in the 'Roo Suit on Tue 28 Aug 2007 12:59:57 UTC.
Þikachu Of Døøm on Tue 28 Aug 2007 13:01:11 UTC.
Mushroom on Tue 28 Aug 2007 13:03:23 UTC.
Myth Maniac™ on Tue 28 Aug 2007 13:04:26 UTC.
YAY! You guys must have had fun. ^^ Hope I can attend the next one, if there's gonna be one, and if I ever get around to moving continents. :P
on Tue 28 Aug 2007 13:22:41 UTC.
Err... YAY? (I just want to fit in) I hope i can attend the next one...
PsyduckRanger on Tue 28 Aug 2007 16:40:42 UTC.
Yes, fine, yay... PKMN has member meet-ups? I didn't know that! Not that I could have gotten to London anyway, but it would have been nice to know...where and when does one learn of these?
Sizacu on Tue 28 Aug 2007 16:58:46 UTC.
Yey... I wish I could go by myself xD Eh... Atleast you all got in a photo!(Almost)XD Must've been fun... :)
Veyka on Tue 28 Aug 2007 18:03:13 UTC.
Spffy article Lottie =D! Good photos ;P
on Thu 30 Aug 2007 13:55:21 UTC.
YAYZAH -beats rex with remaining stick- =[
Team Magma's Dark Rapidash on Sat 01 Sep 2007 00:27:49 UTC.
We should have one in the US sometime... I really wish I could've gone!
on Sat 01 Sep 2007 19:06:22 UTC.
hate to say this...we better make the next meet-up (IF we do meet up again) way more organized...AKA tell the exact place in Hyde park. but enjoyed the trip anyway...
Psythor on Sun 02 Sep 2007 17:33:41 UTC.
We did have an exact spot to go to, but we didn't broadcast it publicly, so we could vet who was coming. If you'd applied to join the special group you'd have found out.
That Girl in the 'Roo Suit on Thu 06 Sep 2007 19:25:36 UTC.
I think it worked better organising the exact place between the members who were confirmed to be going. It also meant that we could ensure that there was SOME way of contacting each other too.
on Wed 12 Sep 2007 21:56:40 UTC.
YAYYYYYYYY Lottie killed my leg in record time =[
Sir Eggs and Toast on Fri 14 Sep 2007 07:05:04 UTC.
This was a very spiffy read, Lottie! :) Thank you for posting.
on Mon 07 Jan 2008 07:51:54 UTC.
I wonder what's in Joeno's backpack..
on Mon 21 Jul 2008 17:06:31 UTC.
Muhed's in there duh!