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Competitive Battling Common Terminology: Counters | To clear up any misconceptions

Lately, I've been seeing people say something along the lines of Infernape can counter Swampert if it has Grass Knot. Okay, it can't counter it, but it can surely revenge kill Swampert with Grass Knot. I am writing this to clear up any confusion, and alert the masses that Infernape is not a counter to a Swampert, or anything to that extent.

Having that said, a counter is a really tough term to define; thankfully, the competitive battling crew has researched it and is able to provide you, the reader, with a definition for it!

Attributes of a counter:

Common Misconceptions

Revenge Killing

It's hard to find a counter to a lot of Pokemon considering the requirements but you can't honestly counter everything, can you? Besides, there are some Pokemon that aren't formal counters, but can counter Pokemon anyway; any Psychic or Ghost type is easy switch in bait for Weavile, seeing as it takes at least 30% damage from Shadow Ball (0% from Psychic) and returns with Pursuit for the KO. But a counter is not a light term to throw around; if something can or cannot counter something else, back it up. Because if I had a nickel for everyone who's said "'x' (frail) Pokemon can easily counter 'y' Pokemon", I'd be a very rich man and be able to prove them wrong in the process.

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b1g op za 13 okt 2007 00:17:44 UTC.
remove the 'lol' from the first paragraph.. nice guide, though
Lord Raven op za 13 okt 2007 22:00:36 UTC.
the lol is now removed
op zo 14 okt 2007 00:13:12 UTC.
dweebs op ma 29 okt 2007 12:14:25 UTC.
"lol" indeed!
TCoZ op zo 02 dec 2007 17:22:34 UTC.
place the 'lol' back thanks for the guide, now I don't have to explain the difference :D
Agatha op di 04 aug 2009 09:52:47 UTC.
Technically Dusknoir can switch into Gengar if it has enough attack to OHKO with Shadow Sneak. :>
Richard and Blaziken op di 25 aug 2009 06:10:30 UTC.
Cool guide, and something to think about when doing RMTs. =)
Luna874 op di 26 jan 2010 17:04:10 UTC.
I thought a revenge killer is a slow pokemon(absol) with choice scarf or a fast pokemon (weavile) with choice band.
torterra_king op zo 28 nov 2010 17:42:13 UTC.
right, no matter how good your team is and how perfect it might seem, it'll always have a weakness. it's what gives most player hope that they can overcome even the best of trainer, is knowing they have a weakness