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PKMN.NET Meet-Up London 26/07/08: Typhlosion's Report | A northerner in London? Jesus christ.

Two and a bit (yeah that's the official term) hours on a train, travelling from Stockport to London. While pulling a suitcase around and carrying a heavy bag on my back. What a fantastic idea I thought a matter of months ago.

So on the morning of Wednesday 23rd July, while stood on a cold, crowded platform at Stockport station, I was obviously thrilled to be travelling down to the English city of opportunities. Right?

Wrong. I was tired, irritated that I'd been stupid enough to book a train the wrong side of midday and annoyed that the woman next to me kept coughing in my direction without covering her mouth. And to make matters worse, my mum had decided we didn't have any suitcases with wheels, meaning I had to CARRY this great lump of a suitcase around. As the minutes ticked by, one minute before my train was due to arrive, the station tannoy system clicked into gear:

"This is an announcement for all passengers on Platform 2 awaiting the 08.57 train to London Euston"

Okay, don't panic. Maybe they're going to tell me I've been upgraded to first class as soon as they heard I was travelling.

"We regret to say this service has been delayed..."

Well nobody saw this one coming. Day now going to be all over the place.

"... by a total of 2 minutes, that is 0-2 minutes"

... why even bother making the announcement?

So when my train rolled into London Euston seven minutes early I decided I didn't want to know.

Cue finding Psythor before struggling through the Underground system until we reached Paddington station. There we sit in a cafe drinking Coke while we wait for Joeno to arrive. Which leads to my official "Line of the week" from Psythor:

"Is that Jeroen?... Oh no wait, that's a woman"

After finding Jeroen we walked the whole 200 or so yards to our cheap accommodation hotel, where we collapsed onto our (three seperate) beds before proceeding to act like real tourists. Leicester Square, Buckingham Palace, Art gallery, all awesome stuff. Complete the day with proper tourist food (Big Mac meal) and eventually sleep.

A lot of work actually went on while we were in the hotel. Psythor and myself both brought our laptops which led to many opportunities. Unfortunately, since the site was taken down for the week, we couldn't check up on anything. Definitely couldn't browse around invisibly or anything. Oh no.

We also wound each other up a lot. The current in-joke is how Psythor really isn't half as "punk" (with appropriate finger quotation marks) as he thinks. Leading onto the official "Moment of the week" from Joeno. I was lay on my bed next to the window when Joeno at one point tried throwing a book at me. Joeno's book throwing skills leave a lot to be desired. But luckily there was no screeching of tyres from any cars outside as his book flew out of the window and down three stories. Cue about half an hour of solid laughing. My personal leisurely highlight though remains seeing Avenue Q, which is probably the best musical in the world (if you ignore Mamma Mia) evar. Go download the soundtrack or something. You won't regret it. The internet is really really great for...

... Now onto the big day. Saturday 26th July. The second annual official PKMN.NET Meet. Joeno, Psythor and myself left our hotel a whole three or so hours before the Meet was due to begin. First stop: Victoria Station to meet Rob, Emo, Tim, Lottie and "Kt". Then onwards to Green Park, slowly picking up members until the majority were situated at the bottom of a tree, watching a squirrel scurry around stealing Pringles. I soon got a phone call from Regyba who requested some help finding his way from Green Park Underground station. Joeno and myself went, looking for a guy in a green jacket with a cane. I quickly walked past the guy in a green jacket with a cane, so had to turn back on myself. SIlly Mike.

After a few announcements (I think I managed to trick Ant, Alex, Barney and William into thinking they had to make a speech lols), Jeroen and myself proceeded with the item/Pokémon giveaways. The idea to give away event Pokémon was decided a couple of days earlier, and only finalised the previous night when I finally managed to manipulate my software into letting me do it. This year's PKMN.NET Meet Pokémon: A Last Resort Sentret (has nobody found that clue yet?), WALL-E the Porygon and the grand prize: A Level 100 fully EV trained Magikarp, with Splash. Oh, happy days.

We then all somehow made our way to Leicester Square for lunch, which consisted of a mixture of Pizza Hut/Burger King/McDonalds depending on who you were. Note to all: buying me ice cream next time instead of only getting it yourself will earn serious brownie points in future. It was from here that the Meet officially "ended". The "afterparty" eventually recongregated in London Bridge in an old Shakespearian pub (apparently). A few more of us stumbled to what I'm assured is called the "last pub" in PKMN.NET Meet terms. From here, the admins eventually departed.

This would probably have been longer or more detailed were I not exceptionally tired at the time of writing. Hopefully this will spawn a few further reports though, which I'll hopefully add in the next couple of days.

So what have we learnt? That people in green jackets with canes are hard to spot. That squirrels like Pringles. Oh, and that somebody ended up "checking me out". You know who you are :P.

All in all, another great day. Here's to 2009, when we might remember to actually record a few things. Thanks to everyone for making it a really memorable day! :)

Page written by Typhlosion.

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on Thu 31 Jul 2008 01:17:13 UTC.
"Is that Jeroen?... Oh no wait, that's a woman" It's a good thing Psythor's charisma score is decent, or he'd have been banned from his own site YEARS ago for a comment like this today. Oh yeah. Now I want ice cream. :
Spinda on Thu 31 Jul 2008 08:42:17 UTC.
"Is that Jeroen?... Oh no wait, that's a woman" Awesomeness. "A Last Resort Sentret (has nobody found that clue yet?)" ...........
Enigma on Thu 31 Jul 2008 12:27:09 UTC.
Sweet report. Note - I was with Lottie, Rob, Emo and the other one (K8-E). So much for making an impression with my sexy white tie. ¬¬ Sentret is...intriguing. Perhaps the clue is that I am really Sentret (see hold item ;P) and my infinite happiness and cheer is channelled not into posts but into the character of that bundle of joy~ As for Mike getting checked out...does that mean that someone else was also *shot* I wonder if we'll find out who that was. I depends...;P Roll on next year~
Regyba on Sat 02 Aug 2008 12:32:50 UTC.
Oh no! You forgot my quote of awesomeness! "Psythor's take on life - Small world, big dreams... epic fail." ...I got the Sentret clue a few days later. I was like: "...OH, OH NOW I GET IT!!" ...Yeah. Stupid me. Nice report though, Mike. Thumbs up for the meet.
meganiumtrainer on Sun 07 Jun 2015 21:23:36 UTC.
It would be awesome if you would have a meet at Cape Canaveral or Orlando.