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Here you can find card lists, pictures and info on all of the cards in the Pokémon TCG. You can also comment on individual cards!

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Sentret questions

Why do I have a Pokemon card that says Nidoran is a Grass type?
Because like that's what they sometimes are those cards are WEEEEIRD ^_^
Read more in Sentret issue 65

Is the 'Shiny Noctowl' a fake pokemon card? My friends say it is. But I don't beleive them.
Sentret thinks it's real if it's shining. Sentret thinks it's real also because it's pretty and it's shiny so it's pretty right?!
Read more in Sentret issue 45

Hey Sentret! Could you possible help me ,my son 7 years old (with Autisme) has a Pokémon card with snorlax thats impossible for me to find anywhere .Its Basic Pokémon Sonrlax (miss spelled) HP 1200 .Its Snorlax flat on his back snoring ZZZ. 2 leaves Irongrip 120 under that is four leaves and four stars Guillotine 130 Do you know anything about this card ? Is it rare? Regards Signe (from Denmark) PS exscuse my poor english.
Sentret thinks there's sort of been going something wrong there with that card because it is not a real actual Pokemon card but maybe a fake one!!!!
Read more in Sentret issue 21