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Sentret questions

how can i get every trading card without spending money?
Sentret doesn't think that will like really happen unless you are very very very very very very very very very very lucky!!!!
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Will there be any new pokemon cards
Oooh, uh, yes. Sentret understands that a Team Aqua Magma kinda like card set came out very very very recently or something like that. Sentret is afraid that there is no Sentret card at all absolutely not, which Sentret is less happy about, and why Sentret doesn't really like really all that much about it.
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From experience, is it more expensive to buy specific cards and build up a custom deck, or buy the packs and take the chance of getting the same c24p monster 200x over?
Sentret thinks you first got to figure how lucky you are feeling, spiked-hair person-thingy
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