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It's The Final Night!

Posted on Tue 19 Jul 2011 17:00:00 UTC. Back to Season 1

Audina starts tonight's eviction coverage

Audina: Good evening PKMN.Net! It is my honour to announce that the votes for Season One of Pokémon Big Brother are now CLOSED!

Crowd cheers

Audina: In an hour I will be announcing which of our remaining three housemates will be leaving the house in third place. But before then I am being joined by some ex-housemates to see what they think about the night so…. IT’S PURUGLY, VOLTORB AND DARMANITAN!!!!

Voltorb, Purugly and Darmanitan enter and sit down

Audina: Welcome back to the show I’m glad you could all make it.

Purugly: It’s my please.

Darmanitan: Good to be back.

Voltorb: WHY AM I HERE!

Voltorb begins to glow


A Machamp and Conkeldurr in security outfits roll Voltorb out of the studio.

Audina: Wow… really should have seen that coming. Anyway, it’s great to see both of you here.

Darmanitan: Dude! Will Voltorb be okay?

A distant explosion is heard

Audina: He’s fine… so about the finalists, Purugly if you can start us off with your opinions?

Purugly: I have to say that I do not think we could have asked for nicer housemates to enter the final four. I do feel just awful for Nidoqueen for not making it to the final four but who could have asked for a nicer group in the final.

Audina: And Darmanitan what are your thoughts?

Darmanitan: We all know I should have still been in the house if it wasn’t for this harpy sitting next to me!

Purugly: Why you…

Audina: MOVING ON. Who do you guys think will win.

Darmantian: My man Medicham has got it in the bag!

Audina: Purugly?

Purugly: I think it is now too close to call between Politoed and Chimecho… but I am going to take a gamble and back Politoed.

Audina: Ladies and gentlemen PURUGLY AND DARMANITAN!


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