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A Sit Down With Medicham

Posted on Tue 19 Jul 2011 18:15:00 UTC. Back to Season 1

Audina interviews 3rd place contestant Medicham

Audina: Ladies and Gentlemen it’s MEDICHAM!!!

Crowd cheers

Audina: So wow Medicham so near and yet so far how are you feeling?

Medicham: Man I am like so stoked to have made it into the final three but I am like majorly bummed to have gotten so close.

Audina: Still though, third place isn’t so bad.

Medicham: Naw man it’s amazing.

Audina: So, having been in the house for almost the maximum time you must have some fantastic memories.

Medicham: Yea it’s been a real experience. I’ve met like so many cool ‘mon that I would have never had the privilege to be acquainted with.

Audina: Any personal highlights?

Medicham: Winning that super fancy dinner with Purugly.

Audina: I only wish we could have shown that on the show but… permits.

Medicham: That’s why it was like so awesome man. It showed me that these friendships I made inside the house can like exist outta the house.

Audina: That’s sweet, any tasks that you remember fondly?

Medicham: I enjoyed the artistic ones. So the Lapras one and the one where I painted that righteous picture of Watchog.

Audina: Awesome. So finally, with two housemates left… who do you want to win?

Medicham: C’mon man don’t make me choose.

Audina: Okay Medicham we’ll let you off the hook. Ladies and Gentlemen it’s MEDICHAM!!!

Crowd cheers

Audina: So it's down to Chimecho and Politoed to see who will be crowned the queen of the Big Brother house. Who will it be? See you at eight o'clock!


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