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A Parting Gift

Posted on Tue 19 Jul 2011 18:43:00 UTC. Back to Season 1

Chimecho and Politoed are in the kitchen

Chimecho starts to cry; Politoed hugs Chimecho and tries to soothe her.

Politoed: It’s okay, it’ll all be over soon.

Chimecho: I want my trainer.

Politoed: You’ll be with her within the hour, I promise.

Chimecho: Politoed?

Politoed: Yes Chimecho?

Chimecho: I want you to have this.

Chimecho gives Politoed her Ms. Oshawott doll to Politoed.

Politoed: For…me?

Chimecho: It’ll bring you luck ^_^

Politoed begins to tear up and hugs Chimecho tightly

Politoed: Thank you so much.

SirBlaziken on Sun 21 Aug 2011 01:48:11 UTC.
Awwwwwww........ That is so haertwarming.
SirBlaziken on Sun 21 Aug 2011 01:49:02 UTC.
heartwarming. (I've really got to spellcheck.)