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Issue 65

Hey Sentret! What's your favorite berry? Oran? Razz? Pinap? Aspear? Just curious! ^^
From DragonairSoul
Sentret likes ALL berries but przcureberries were funky

i want a feebas in emerald badly do you knom where you find them?
From feebaswanter
Sentret thinks like in a few bits of a really really really long route but Sentret doesn't know more than that
Oooh, ooh, another cool section. Look at Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald !!! Isn't that kewl???

Sentret, do you have a lot of siblings?
From Anonymous
Yes yes yes and Sentret is getting more and more and more first on the Sevii Islands and now also Sinnoh and then more and more Sentret wonders who'll be in Isshu

Sentet, do you like me because I caught a shiny Sentret?
From Gallade rulez
:( Sentret doesn't like to be caught :(

Mr. Sentret. Why do Zangoose and Seviper hate each other so?
From Mulholland
Sentret thinks it's because they both don't have nice furs like Sentret ^_^

Why do you remain a Sentret? I always thought of a Furret as the energetic one...
From Phoenix of Chaos
No no because Furrets are MEAN

Dear Sentret, I've always wondrered this. Is there any kind of music Pokemon Listen to? Thank You.
From Blazemaster26: 80's Addicted
Sentret like only does when they have the radio on. Sentret likes the Pokemon March ^_^

Hey there sentret I was wondering in Diamond, Peal & Platinum where can I find you and your friends as I would love have you or one of your friends in my team.
From hardrockcafe
Sentret thinks like heard that with the radar Sentrets may appear early on because like Sentret likes the sound and thingies
Oooh, ooh, another cool section. Look at Diamond, Pearl and Platinum !!! Isn't that kewl???

Why won't they let me walk with you in Amity Square??
From SurfingPikachu
Because Sentret is in Johto silly ^_^

Why do I have a Pokemon card that says Nidoran is a Grass type?
From PipSentretLup
Because like that's what they sometimes are those cards are WEEEEIRD ^_^
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How do you get Swinub on Platinum?
From PipSentretLup
Sentret thinks like you'll see them on plenty of icy route places
Oooh, ooh, another cool section. Look at Diamond, Pearl and Platinum !!! Isn't that kewl???

how do i get ho-oh in platnum without action replay or cheats?
From ThatNewYorkKid
Sentret thinks maybe by trading then?