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Karakters: Jessie

De basis
Leeftijd: 17
Geslacht: Vrouw
Kategorie: Team Rocket
Eerste Aflevering: Pokémon Noodgeval!


Jessie, like James, is also a member of Team Rocket, and his his "partner in crime".
She also joined the Bike Gang as James had done, after she failed Nurse School for Chanseys...because, well, she wasn't a Chansey.
She is able to perform a variety of jobs including fashion designer, and in fact one of the only things she's not is a Pokémon Master, but after failing the "Ultimate Test" she seems to have given up on this dream.
She had no friends while growing up, her large hair being her only companion, and now having reached adult hood, has found she cannot find love, as nobody can love her because she's so evil.
She is also skilled a preparing snow food, but seriously, how hard can it be putting some soy sauce on some snow?
At the start of TR's quest for Pikachu, she only had an Ekans to fight with, but her collection has changed as the series progressed. Her Ekans evolved into an Arbok, and in a later episode she successfully captured a Lickitung after it ate the presents she had bought for the Boss. When James discovers a Shellder buried in the sand she is quick to catch it, but this is used to evolve a Slowpoke into a Slowbro and so this wasn't even in her possession for one whole episode. When the twerps moved their journey to the land of Johto, and at a trade fair, Jessie's Lickitung was swapped for a Wobbuffet.

Jessie's Pokémon

Verschijnt tussen Pokémon Noodgeval! en Diglett's wraak
Aanvallen die gebruikt zijn: Wrap

Verschijnt tussen Diglett's wraak en A Poached Ego!
Aanvallen die gebruikt zijn: Wrap, Poison Sting, Dig, Glare

Verschijnt vanaf Enter Iris and Axew!
Aanvallen die gebruikt zijn: Gust, Air Slash

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