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Favorite by PokemonNamerO.OArcanine Alakazam Gengar Floatzel Gallade Charizard
Fun-Squad :3 by Jacky16Arcanine Braviary Mismagius Kangaskhan Flygon Mandibuzz
The Fighters by BTRusherRaikou Arcanine Croconaw Jolteon Articuno Zekrom
Sinnoh Squad by corneaterInfernape Shaymin Arceus Gallade Salamence Arcanine
Ultimate Fighters by xian777Arcanine Dragonite Gallade Feraligatr Tyranitar Roserade
pownage by Anubis55Arcanine Scizor Kingler Darkrai Alakazam Floatzel
UU Pokemon Online by thereamoemoDeoxys Ambipom Shaymin Arcanine Nidoking Suicune
Current Shoddy Squad by OpalRheaArcanine Jolteon Swampert Sceptile Entei Charizard