Author Topic: CiTV (UK) to show Pokemon the Series: XY (and Movie 16 again)  (Read 881 times)

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According to my Sky TV Guide... CiTV are to start showing Pokemon the Series: XY on Weekends at 11:35am, starting on Saturday 5th April 2014. On the Saturday, they are showing "Kalos, Where Dreams and Adventures Begin!"... whilst on Sunday 6th April 2014, they are showing "Lumiose City Pursuit!". (The same episodes they showed on their Preview Weekend last year. -prods-) As well as starting the new Series, they are also repeating Pokemon Movie 16: Genesect and the Legend Awakened on the Saturday at 10:05am for those who haven't been able to catch it yet. Whether or not the timing remains the same for the week after or whether they'll shift to just showing one new episode per Weekend (as I don't think we're that far behind...) remains to be seen. Sigh.

What I do know is that I haven't finished Unova yet. >.>;; At least 11:35am is... reasonable, I suppose. Better than 10:35am... -_-;;