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Game of the Year 2015 edition
« on: December 21, 2015, 21:17 »
What has been everyone's game of the year, and is there a game you are looking forward to next year.

Mine has to be Fallout 4. I just love the setting, the music, the story and the characters :D I have spent over 100 hours with 2 different characters, and got the platinum trophy. I 'm looking forward to see what they do with the dlc.

Runner up is Corpse Party: Blood Drive for the PS Vita. It's my favourite handheld game to come out this year, I loved everything about but Fallout just beat it slightly.

The game I'm looking forward to come out next year is, Tales of Berseria. It just looks so fun and I'm in love with Velvet  <3

I'm also looking forward to Persona 5.

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Re: Game of the Year 2015 edition
« Reply #1 on: December 22, 2015, 11:42 »
I'm an absolute sucker for Undertale. Honestly I haven't been too big on the majority of games that have released this year, but Undertale has essentially stolen my heart.

The combination of loveable characters, the perfect system of multiple endings, the dialogue, the mysteries, and being one of the only RPGs where killing doesn't have to be an option makes the game an absolute experience. I'm not gonna spoil anything for those who haven't played it (seriously, for maximum effect, don't watch any lets plays or get any info, play the game yourself first. It's perfect), but be prepared for some serious tearshed - the only game to make me tear up since PMD2.

And all of it was made by a small team of Toby Fox and Temmie Chang. Two people that made a game that basically took the internet by storm.

And even for people that have spent hours mining through every file to unravel every mystery, there's still mysteries that remain untouched. Possibly forever.

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Re: Game of the Year 2015 edition
« Reply #2 on: December 31, 2015, 17:57 »
My Game of the Year is probably Fallout 4, it mostly met my exceptions and whilst I have a few things I wish were different  (mostly the dialogue system which I thought was limited compared to past games). I found the world interesting and like Bethesda's other games, the best part is exploring and finding small self-contained stories. I know there is a lot discussion about the 'dumb down' perk system and whist I do miss skills, I thought there was enough interesting combinations to create an varied character.

I have Bloodbourne and the Witcher 3, and I haven't played them as much as I would have liked too, but there games that came out this year that I found excellent.  The Witcher 3 has an amazing open world and such an interesting story, it wasn't so much about plot twists, but the characters and writing made were superb.  Defiantly something I need to come back to one day.

Bloodbourne had an amazing atmosphere, such a madding, dark and oppressive environment.    It's a game that requires practice and skill (I died in the first area so many times until I just “Got” it) but the payoffs are amazing.  Taking down the first boss – the first boss made me feel amazing.

Talking of smaller games, I have a lot of love for Resident Evil Revelations 2.  it's clearly a smaller budget Resident Evil game but I think this works in the game's favour as it doesn't have as many expectations a big budgeted game would have, it's a lot more slow-paced with an emphasises on survival and puzzles and an interesting story.   It was built around the episodic approach, and it shows in it's design, but I felt each episode gave a good chunk of content and it was nice to have something to look forward to every week after I finished work. I love it so much after buying the PS3 digital copy, I bought a PS4 physical and will probably end up buying a Vita version. I'm hoping that Revelations becomes it's own sub-series.

On a similar note, because HD Remasters are now a big thing, my favourite one this year is defiantly the GameCube remake of Resident Evil.  Whilst my love for the series started at 4, and for a long time remained that way so playing the update.. of an update was an eye-opener.  I have played it myself to finish, but it was equally as tense watching my girlfriend play.   I hope she doesn't mind me saying we both screamed the first time you see a Crimson head.  Such a wonderful game, demanding you take choices in everything you do – do you shoot that zombie and risk it raising up again later?  Take down all the zombies in the area and make this your safe haven but that leaves you short for other zombies?  And then there's Lisa Trevor...  Not too long after this I bought Resident Evil 2/3 and from the PSN Store and fell in love with the series beyond Resident Evil 4.

Disappointment of the Year:  METAL GEAR SOLID V

It's.. not the game itself, because the game is fantastic.  Amazing even. It just controls and plays so well and each mission is just a massive sandbox of fun.  I liked the cast, I liked the story, even if was minimal but the reason it's here because of what happened to it post-game where some very questionable business practices started to creep more and more with every patch and started to affect the Single-player game itself  in a negative way.  It's a shame, a big shame because without that happening it would have easily been my Game of the Year.  Easily.  It's a Gameplay Mastership imo.

It's been a really good year for games I think and I'm looking to next year for...

Final Fantasy XV – If it comes out next year.  If it's meant to. 
Persona 5 – I loved, love Persona 4, and this one is shaping up nicely.

Street Fighter V –  Bit sad I'm going to have to wait for Urien and Juri.. but Bison is ready to do and that makes me happy.

Zelda Wii U -  Must buy a Wii U next year if it comes out.

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Re: Game of the Year 2015 edition
« Reply #3 on: January 01, 2016, 12:13 »
the games i've played that came out this year were splatoon, undertale, fallout 4 and happy home designer

idk out of all of them i played fo4 most for obvious reasons, but it just feels.... too skyrim-y for me. it might be because i've never played fallout before, and though i love the characters i suck at the game.

splatoon's pretty fun tho. that's probably my goty.

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Re: Game of the Year 2015 edition
« Reply #4 on: January 01, 2016, 16:08 »
My personal game of the year was Xenoblade Chronicles 3D but admittedly I didn't play most of the big titles this year.

The actual GOTY award goes to Undertale or Splatoon I'd say.