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If Pokemon were Yo-Kai
« on: January 04, 2016, 16:17 »
Name: A Pokemon Name

Tribe: Charm, Heart, Brave, Tough, Mysterious, Eerie, Slippery, or Shady (choose one)
Attribute: Fire, Absorb, Restore, Water, Ice, Wind, Earth, or Thunder (choose one)
Rank: E (weak), D (rookie), C (good), B (very good), A (amazing), S (special)

Stats Below

HP: 600-2200/E, D, C, or S (600-990=E, 1000-1490=D, 1500-1790=C, 1800-2200=S, Sector A)
Attack: 500-1800/E, D, C, or S (500-790=E, 800-940=D, 950-1340=C, 1350-1800=S, Sector B)
Defense: 500-1800/E, D, C, or S (Sector B)
Spirit: 500-1800/E, D, C, or S (Sector B)
Speed: 500-1800/E, D, C, or S (Sector B)

Attack: Name, Power: 5-140, No Attribute
Technique: Name, Power: 10-140 (Healing or Harm), Optional Desc., Choose an Attribute
Inspirit: Name , No Power, Desc., No Attribute
Soultimate: Name, Power: 0-250 (Healing, Status, Inspirit, or Harm), Desc., Choose an Attribute
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