Author Topic: Shiny hunting with full Pickup team on AS  (Read 461 times)

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Shiny hunting with full Pickup team on AS
« on: March 23, 2015, 13:28 »
The main reason I'm doing this is that I need a 3rd Leftovers for my team, and I may as well hunt shinies at the same time. To find Leftovers the Pickup Pokémon need to be level 81 or higher.

Shinies caught:

1. Machop, Docile nature, 41 hoard encounters

Current target:

Swablu, 493 hoard encounters so far

Leftovers found: 2, taking 445 total hoard encounters for the 1st and got the 2nd at 493

Pokédex: 638 owned / 668 seen


Teddiursa (F) Lv.97
- Earthquake
- Thrash
- Close Combat
- Sweet Scent

Sweet Scent is to initiate hoard battles for shiny hunting, and Earthquake kills the hoard.

Ambipom (F) Lv.93
- Protect
- Agility
- Double Hit
- Swift

I don't use this one in battle, but Swift could have use for hoards.

Diggersby (M) Lv.92
- Super Fang
- Earthquake
- Facade
- Hammer Arm

Super Fang for catching the shinies. Status is not necessary as they are low level and easy to catch, but Pachirisu and Dedenne can do Thunder Wave plus Super Fang if that's what you want.

Gourgeist (F) Lv.100
- Seed Bomb
- Phantom Force
- Flame Charge
- Shadow Sneak

Ziggy, Linoone (M) Lv.92
- Strength
- Thief
- Rock Smash
- Cut

HM carrier from my playthrough, with Thief for extra utility.

Zaggy, Linoone (M) Lv.99
- Surf
- Secret Power
- Cut
- Rock Smash

HM carrier #2 from my playthrough. Surf is also needed to kill flying type hoards such as Swablu.

I've got the Leftovers that I was looking for now, so will stop until I need more. I also have 13 PP Ups in my bag now, which is nice.

I decided to carry on for a bit longer and got a 2nd Leftovers for my other team.
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