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User Invented Smash Minigames
« on: July 12, 2016, 03:06 »
As many people know, there's other things in Smash 4 to do besides just battle. You can set your own rules and make fun little minigames with special goals or conditions, as using jigglypuff and only using rest. Here you can post some of the game types you've invented and the rules in case one interests you.

The Windmill

Players: 2
Character: Little Mac only
Coin/Stock/Time: Stock or Time
Stage: Any (non-moving is suggested)
Items: None
Other Rules: Only air attacks can be used. No holding shield, sidestepping or dodge rolling (air dodging is fine, just don't spam it).
Goal: The objective is to hit all 5 little mac air attacks on your opponent.

What You Do: Basically you can jump, use air attacks and dodge. You want to hit all 5 air attacks on the other person. If you can hit the Nair, Fair, Bair (or Bear as some call it), U-Air, and Dair. The opponent must immediately SD. You must keep track of the attacks you make and be honest. Most stocks taken in the time limit or last person with a stock remaining wins.

I actually drew inspiration from a little mac main I met that fought me with air attacks as well as on the ground (and I lost -_-).
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