Author Topic: Do you ever play Pokemon games in a foreign language?  (Read 459 times)

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I've played my games in French since I discovered the Masuda Method after Diamond and Pearl were released.

I saw a Youtube video once where someone said that playing an English Gen 6 cartridge in a foreign language doesn't work for the Masuda Method. I personally think that they are just really impatient. I've never been successful with breeding a shiny either, as I'm quite impatient myself. I only manage to breed about 30 eggs before I get bored lol.

I've been reading just now that setting the language in Gen 6 games actually does affect the Masuda Method. I'd like someone with more patience than me to try it.

The Gen 4 or Gen 5 games are guaranteed to work, because the cartridges are in one language only.

What is the best way for someone like me to do the Masuda Method when I have so little patience?
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We should trade and breed Pokémon again.

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Re: Do you ever play Pokemon games in a foreign language?
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Pokemon Green (with crap translations)
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