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Re: The UK General Election
« Reply #15 on: June 12, 2017, 21:01 »
I too have been following and the fact that Theresa May didn't even do the bare minimum to win (because this was the Conservative Party's to lose, because their goal was to gain seats) is quite hilarious.

The smear campaign against Corbyn from the BBC's chief political editors (Particularly Laura Keunnesberg) was absolutely ridiculous, considering the BBC is supposed to be (somewhat) impartial and for the most part it's 'hurrr durrr lefty libtard BBC!' from the public who only say that because Auntie doesn't report what they want to hear unlike the rags like The Sun and the Daily Heil. The stuff they were saying was most probably illegal.

So really, given the turmoil among the Labour Party, the smear campaign from the BBC and the tabloids and all that Theresa's lost badly and I'd give it less than six months before she's gone.
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