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Brock's in trouble

Submitted by Joeno

  1. Misty: Hey, there's a tag back here. It says "Brock Doll 9.95". Wow, that's cheap... by laironlover77
  2. Misty: You perv! Brock: Togepi started it! Togepi: >.> by Shaymin
  3. Misty: You have the stretchiness of Mr. Fantastic, the eyesight of Daredevil, and the attractiveness of The Thing! Brock: Why thank you, that's exactly the look I was going for. by PsyduckRanger
  4. Misty: Is rule 20 in your ear? by TCoZ
  5. "Hello? Rule 20? Are you in there?" by ‘†’
  6. Misty: Stop exerting your right to talk to other human beings! by PsyduckRanger
  7. Misty: Brock, what the hell!? Look at where you're going! Brock: Uhm, you're forgetting that I have no eyes... by Psychoshark
  8. now this, kiddies, is the reason you should be careful with rubber cement. by Retro
  9. Misty: "Noo! You are from Blue version! You cant look at second generation Pokémon!" Togepi: "toge - pii?" by Sanky | Lookin' for rule 20 - GSC Style!
  10. Misty: YOU LOST RULE 20, DIDN'T YOU? (Note; This is not a clue or anything it's just a joke by Sappy who is in no position to make a clue) by Sappy
  11. Misty: How many times have I told you, TOGEPI ISN'T A SCRAMBLED EGG?! Brock: ;-; *stomach grumbling* by ‘†’
  12. Take that MASK off! by
  13. In 2007 Caption Contest Was Beginning. Misty: Somebody set us up the Head to Hand Glue. Main Scream Turn On. Brock: How Are You Misty. All Your Togepi Are Belong To Me. Misty: What You Say! Brock: You Have No Chance To Lay Another Egg Make Your Time. Misty: Move Togepi For Great Justice. Togepi: You Know What You Doing? Misty: Move Togepi. FOR GREAT JUSTIIIIIIIIIIIICE. by Caldoran
  14. Togepi: Quick, Misty! Attack weakpoint for massive damage! by b1g
  15. Misty: Brock, you should really get your ear examined! It's so swollen! Brock: (Maybe if you didn't DRAG me by the ear all the time--) Misty: I HEARD THAT!!! by
  16. Misty: Have you been messing about with superglue again? Brock: ...No... by Dandelion
  17. Misty: See?! I KNEW you didn't wash behind your ears! by .~:Sly Foxx:~.
  18. Togepi: YAY! FOOD! by Sappy
  19. Misty: Holy crap! That ear is huge! Brock: AYAEAAEAE!!! by
  20. Misty: How many times do I have to tell you to stop looking up girls skirts!? Darn it, You're still trying! by Utack and Swampy