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Doesn't this look odd...?

Submitted by aer_dingus

  1. Psyduck: Now, if this was on your tail, you'd be evolved by now... Slowpoke: Lalalalala, I can't HEAR you, lalalalala! by laironlover77
  2. No Psyducks were harmed in the shooting of this epsiode. by TvS|Tyranitar vs Something
  3. Slowpoke:...please remove your foot from back there. It's very uncomfortable. by laironlover77
  4. Isn't it a pain when you wake up from a bad dream into a bad reality? by laironlover77
  5. Mystery Dungeon Playtip #1: If you have a Shellder on your team, don't annoy it. You may end up regretting it. by Wyraach Ur
  6. This is what happens when you buy the wrong wig color to cosplay James... by sunshine188
  7. Slowbro: You stole my earmuffs! Now I have to listen to the horrible narrator for the Sinnoh region show! Psyduck: You can have them back. They're a bit too big. by pokemaster360
  8. "Uhh...This isn't what it looks like!!!" by Utack and Swampy
  9. Psyduck was trying to pull off a new fashion statement, but Slowpoke would hear nothing of it. by laironlover77
  10. Slowpoke find out you really can't pull off Pokemon mixes in the real world. by laironlover77
  11. Slowpoke has his usual recurring nightmare. by Sebastian Moran
  12. Slowpoke: Knew I should of stayed at home on Friday the 13th! by Angelic Lapras King
  13. Slowpoke deals with PTSD: Pokémon Traumatic Stress Disorder. by The Macintosh Ninja: SOH CAH TOA
  14. Looks like Slowpoke doesn't like Psyduck's new hat. by MzLuluZombi
  15. Dont worry, its a stunt double, the real Psyduck is safe. by TvS|Tyranitar vs Something
  16. Once Shellder finished eating Psyduck's brain, Slowpoke was next... by laironlover77
  17. Slwopoke: I'm not listening, I'm not listening! Lalalala I'm not listening!!! by Utack and Swampy
  18. Never get a Psyduck to do a Slowpoke's job! by Angelic Lapras King
  19. Psyduck finally got to see what was inside Shellder's shell right before it finished eating its head.... by Captain Jigglypuff