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Submitted by RachelPiplupLover

  1. Guy in background: Gary how could you, I thought you loved me! by sunshine188
  2. Gary: And now we shall joust! With our hair! *stabs* by laironlover77
  3. Gary: I've got a Digimon and you haven't! Ash: Thought this was meant to be Pokemon Trainer day? Gary: ...I'm in the wrong anime again aren't I? by Angelic Lapras King
  4. Invading Personal Space Youre doin it right. by jjas132
  5. Ash: Wanna know a secret? Gary: No. Ash: About Misty? Gary: Tell me! by PokeSurfer
  6. Gary: I just got my starter pokemon, but Im not telling you what it is! Ash: It's Squirtle isnt it? Guy in background: OMG SPOILERS! by jjas132
  7. Ash: This guy behind me is telling you not to wink at me like that... Gary: HE'S LYING. *wink*...Damn, he's my boyfriend. by Spinda
  8. Gary: Look at me! I've got my starter Ham-Ham! Ash: Wrong...anime... by Spinda
  9. Gary: And how are you this looooovely morning? Ash:...slight traumitized, now. by laironlover77
  10. Gary: I got a Pokeball and you don't! Ash: Isn't that my alarm clock? Gary: ...yes. by Angelic Lapras King
  11. Gary-"Have you ever had a girl stand THIS close to you Ash? Huh, have you??" by mewz2cute
  12. Gary:...And THEN my very first Pokemon decided it would be fun if it threw some glass in my eye! Ash: And you're smiling because why? by Captain Jigglypuff
  13. Gary: I see you... You want to touch my Poké Ball. by
  14. Gary: Guess who wet themselves..? Ash: Me? by
  15. Gary: I see PJs and I LIKE! by fiftyfootJJ
  16. Ash:... I feel violated. .__. by laironlover77
  17. It's really rude to look up people's noses. by Spinda
  18. Gary: I choose you, Ash! *gets pokeball* Ash: Im here, stupid. >.> by Spinda
  19. Ash: He keeps staring at me like that... I hope that doesn't mean anything... by laironlover77
  20. Gary: "So you really do have a crush on Misty! I won't tell...nudge nudge poke wink." by pokemaster360